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After me and chase.... ya know.... I went to the bathroom and changed, I wore his sweatpants  and a shirt. Chase changed too and then we both watched movies and made a blanket fort again, we stayed up all night watching movies, cuddling, and making Tik Toks. I'm so happy he's mine

"Are you tired yet? It's 6:00 am" Chase said to me "nope" I said with a grin "gosh you're crazy, but gosh I love you" I gasped, then covered my mouth. HE SAID HE LOVED ME. The first time since we've started dating. "I- I love you too" we were digging on the floor so I jumped on top of him and hugged him, he laughed and hugged me back so tight and we just kissed, "proms tomorrow, are you excited?" Chase asked me "yeah are you?" I asked "yeah because I get to be with you" I blushed and covered my face, chase took my hands off of my face and held my hands, "you're so cute" I giggled "nooo you"
"No you"
"No yo-" he kissed me and we started laughing in the kiss. I fell backwards and started laughing more "I don't know why I'm laughing but I am" I said, chase started laughing too, "Okay ky" he laughed. After that I soon got tired and we went to bed at 6:30am and then slept until 3, we got really hungry so we ordered food and then I right away had to get ready for prom "I'll be about 4 hours" I said to chase "I'll be about 4 minutes" Chase said laughing "nooooo get ready Chase" I said "I will soon I don't need 4 hours and neither do you your naturally beautiful just wear a dress" he said, I blushed and covered my Face and he uncovered them "I hate when you do thatttt" he said with a playful frown. I stick my tongue out at him and he kissed my forehead, "I'm gonna get the food I have to pick it up, wanna come?" He asked, I nodded "sure but I'll have less time to get readyyy" he laughed and I laughed too, we said bye to his mom, and took my car that he pretty much always drives. "Ya know you're kinda like my personal driver?" I said to chase, "yeah I know" he said smiling, he put his hand on my thigh. I put on my tik Tok playlist and we danced the whole way to Taco Bell. "I don't like Taco Bell that much ugh" chase laughed "why not it's so good ky" I laughed "I don't knowwww it's weird" I said laughing. "Do you wanna go somewhere else??" He asked me "noo it's okay they just don't have many vegetarian options here" I playfully rolled my eyes. "Mhhhhmm"
*skip to getting ready*
Payton, Sam, Jackson, and josh all came over and got ready in only an hour and I did their hair for them of corse and after I was ready everyone was starring at me, "what? Does it look bad?" I asked them
They all said, I smiled "oh"
"Damn you like amazing" Chase said smiling "aw you do too, everyone's hair looks good thanks to meeeee" everyone laughed. We made a few tik Toks and then went into the limo, chase mom took some pix too, "bye kids have fun!!" She said "bye!" We al replied, she hugged us and we left

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