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CHAPTER ONE· ʙʀɪᴇғɪɴɢ ·

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· ʙʀɪᴇғɪɴɢ ·

KIM GOT THE CALL at 4:26 in the morning. Nick Fury's frustrated voice echoed through the speaker of her phone, alerting the girl that she would need to hurry the hell up if she wanted to keep her job. It wasn't a matter of question and answer, with Fury it never was, she just shoved a spare pair of clothes and a toothbrush into a backpack before telling her parents that Fury had called her for yet another mission.

        "I'll see you guys soon." Kim smiled at her parents who she had woken up to tell them that she was leaving. They wished her well only moments before the sleek black car pulled up outside of her house and she clambered inside.

        She entered the car to see that her best friend and partner, Ron Stoppable, was sat in the drivers seat. She honestly hadn't expected him to be awake at this time, never mind willing to collect her. Either way, she sent her best friend a smile before he began speeding off down the road towards their destination.

        "I'm still really pissed that you learned to drive before me." Kim groaned, staring at Ron as he drove down the freeway. She had been born a few months prior to him, and had always gloated at the fact that she would be able to drive before him. However, since he had lived for five years without her during The Blip, he was now technically older than her ─ thus making him able to drive before her.

        Ron laughed, casting a wistful look towards the redhead next to him ─ he had always wondered what it would've been like if she hadn't blipped. She had been his best friend for so long and they had grown up together. Having her disappear for five years took a massive toll on him as well ─ not that he had told her of course.

        "What is this mission even about?" Kim finally asked him, assuming that he would know more about the mission than she would, especially considering that her phone call with Fury had lasted a matter of seconds.

        "There's these Elemental things, I'm pretty sure that's what he said anyway." Ron began to explain, furrowing his eyebrows in an attempt to remember what The Director had told him. "You know the spider-dude, yeah?"

        "Yes, Ron. Of course I know who he is." Kim rolled her eyes, sarcasm oozed from her words.

        "Okay, well, apparently you need to hijack his school trip and act as one of the students, and then you need to help him try and defeat these Elemental things with the help of another guy called Quentin Beck." Ron ranted quickly, not allowing any time for him to breathe. However, the one thing that Kim got from this whole rant was that Spider Man was on a school trip, meaning that he must be around her age. Weird. Kim had always thought that he was older than her.

        "Are you telling me that Spider Man is a school student?" Kim asked Ron. The blond looked at her incredulously before raising an eyebrow at her response.

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