No One Does|| Story 1

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   Blood trailed down the young hero's face, they were only 16. Honestly, that's the normal shelf life for heroes. It's sad but true, none of them lasted that long. They all lost against one villain, like the hardest boss on a game. They all feel, causing others to lose hope, some remained though. This young hero was the first to come in a long time. They had so much hope, so much determination.

   "I never stood a chance did I?" The young hero asked, coughing up blood.

   "The sad part is- you never did, no one does" The villain replied, "You were so nice, you let me live while you die. Others in my place may let you live, but I won't. You tried to defeat me, but you failed, like all the others. You don't deserve to stay alive. If only, you had tried harder. You didn't try your best."

   The cruel, immortal Villian turned and walked away from the young hero. Their shoes loud against the stone. Not listening to the mutters or cries of the young hero no more.

   The young hero had tried their best, they had tried so much, endlessly caring. Blood dripped and fell along the contours of their face. Their eyes now closed, their breathing stopped, their body stiff yet slouched.

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