Chapter 7- holiday

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(Warning: this chapter include self harm so if you don't like reading that please skip that part)

Zach's POV
I wake up early. I wasn't able to sleep much last night. I get up and skip breakfast and get dressed. I'm wearing and all black outfit today. I open up my phone to see me tagged in a bunch of instagram posts. Oh yeah, today's the "holiday" at my school where the whole school bullies me. Great way to start the day with rude comments. "Ewww, look at him in this photo" "he doesn't know how to dress at all" "he should just kill himself" that last one hurt like a knife stabbing into my heart. I start walking to school when some kid tripped me.
This day, every year is the day that the whole school is supposed to bully me. The boys planned it and Eben said as their new "leader" he plans to make it even worse. Love that for me.
I get to my locker that has a bunch of rude words scratched out on it. I start putting in my code and I feel a hand on the back of my head. I feel acrylic nails and then my head smashes into my locker leaving a small dent. It's this one girl from my English and history class. I thought we were acquaintances but obviously not. After being tripped quiet a few times I get to my seat and sit down. I hear a fart noise under me. I stand up and look at my chair and see a Whoopee cushion. Lame. I through it at Jonah and gets angry. Since I'm feeling a bit confident I stick my young out at him. He look furious. I turn and laugh. A couple people stole my stuff and others through paper at me. I didn't really care, it was nothing horrible, just annoying. Next class I check my chair and saw nothing I sat down. The chair was really squeaky but I just let it go. I sat there for a couple more minutes and it started getting really squeaky. As soon as I know it the legs off the chair fall apart and I fall hitting my chin on my desk. The whole class starts to giggle including the teacher. I looked at the teacher with a death glare and he immediately shut up. A couple more boring things happened and then it was lunch. I sat down next to Christina and Corbyn. I turn and see all eyes on me which is kinda creepy. I start talking to Christina and Corbyn on how my day sucks and I feel like somebody's behind me. "Zach mov—" I hear Corbyn say but he was cut of by someone pouring food on me. I turn to see who it is and it's the one and only Jack Robert Avery. I thought he was done with bullying me. Dang that hurts. I head to the bathroom and clean myself up. I look in the mirror and see Eben behind me. "Wh-" I'm cut off by a punch. I see every one of boys walk out of the bathroom stalls. Even Jack. They all start to punch me and I get away. I head to the door and it's locked. Eben must have locked it. Somebody slams my head into the door. They take turns punching me. Jack hits the hardest. It hurts like hell. They kick me right where it hurts and I whimper.
Corbyns POV
Zach has been in the bathroom for a while so I decide to go and check on him. I tell Christina I will be right back. I get to the boys bathroom and try to open the door but it's locked. The boys must have trapped him in there. I quickly go over to the janitor who has the keys for the bathroom and ask him. He gives them to me and I open the door to see Zach with many bruises and cuts. He's bleeding from his mouth and nose.
Zach's POV
they keep punching but I've become to numb to notice I'm bleeding. I hear the bathroom door open and I see Corbyn. Thank goodness. "Get off of him!" He yells. They all turn to look at Corbyn. I quickly get away and run to the nurses office while they are distracted. I get in the office to get cleaned up. "What happened Zach?!" The nurse asked worried. "Nothing" I respond. She gets me all cleaned up. I call my mom and ask her to pick me up. After a couple minutes she arrives. I go up to her and hug her . "What happened to you?!" "Nothing" I say. We get into the car and arrive at home. "Do you want soup?" "No" I say.
"Zach, what really happened?" She asks again
"Nothing" I repeat
"Stop lying Zach" she exclaims
"Nothing mom! Nothing happened!" I yell and run up to my room. I slam and lock the door. I start sobbing in my pillow. I hear our doorbell ring and I'm just guessing it was a package. I hear a knock on my door. "Go away!" I say guessing it was my mom. "Zach, it's me" I hear Jacks voice. "Go!" I instantly become worried. Why is he here? My mom comes up and yells at me telling to let him in. I listen and sit back on my bed. He sits on the chair next to me. I look away from him. It's silent. I break it by saying "why?" "What?" He asks. "I think you know" he doesn't respond and instead leaves my room. He comes back up and gives me a teddy bear. I throw it at him. He seemed a bit surprised. I get to my bathroom and lock the door. I just sit in there watching YouTube. "Zach, I'm sorry" I hear him on the other side of the door. "No your not" i shot back. "If you were you would have never done what you did today." I explain to him. I stay in the bathroom until I hear that he has left. I walk out the bathroom and bellyflop right onto my bed. Tomorrow is Saturday so that means no school! No going to that jail!(self harm warning) I go to my bathroom and lock the door again grabbing the blade. I decide cut 3 times in my right arm.
1 for school
1 for bullies
1 for lying
I start to cry. The cuts aren't really deep but they still bleed. (Self harm part over)This is my first time cutting. I look in the mirror and see my weak self. I wash the cuts and get into bed.

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