Chapter 14

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Leo's PoV
"Guys we need to think about the prophecy." I explained to the others, the avengers looked at us weirdly, "we have-," I was cut off by someone slamming the door, "I'm backkk!" A feminine voice cried. "Wanda, don't be so loud, Thor, do you really need all those pop tarts?" A muscular but gentle voice scolded. I stifled a laugh.

A woman with red hair that was mostly orange came into view, a large man with long blond hair came in after. Not long after came another man except he was floating and seemed to be from somewhere else, like an alien (Vision). Steve stood up, "I would like to introduce Wanda, or also known as Scarlet Witch-," Annabeth squealed.
"Wanda!" The two ran and hugged each other. "Um... can I ask how you two know each other?" Tony butted in. Annabeth and Wanda realised the confusion they just made, "well after Wanda was touched or whatever you call it by Loki, Hecate blessed her so her new powers didn't kill her, so then she came to camp and we became friends." Annabeth explained. Steve nodded in understanding, "well if you're done with the reunion can I continue on?" Annabeth blushes in embarrassment and nodded. "As I was saying, that's Vision and Thor." Thor dropped the pop tart he was eating. "Is that- is that the seven? OMG, that can't be Percabeth can it? Jasper? Caleo? Frazel?" He started squealing and fan girling as we stood there. Finally he calmed down and I was able to explain what a prophecy is. "Now this was our prophecy,
Two Goddess' have turned
For a Titan has returned.
The eight fight a new rival
The Wise will turn evil.
The new power.
The golden eyed will cower.

"I think one of the goddess' is Athena, the Wise will turn evil?" Piper said, nervously looking at Annabeth. Annabeth stood seemingly uncomfortable, "well the eight would be us," she said, gesturing to the seven and Calypso. "The golden eye... Hazel?" I said giving an idea, Calypso hit the back of my head. "No you idiot, why would Hazel cower?" I scratched the back of my neck nervously. "Kronos..." Annabeth muttered, Percy looked at her. "But we killed him?" She shook her head, trying to figure it out. They told us all about Kronos so we knew about it.

"The pregnant mare has gone into labor!" Hazel cried running in from where she was with the horses, everyone got up, she shook her head, "Frank, Piper, Percy and Annabeth only." She said, everyone sat down again for those people. They ran off to help.

Hazel's PoV
I sat next to the mare as the others came in silently. Percy started talking gently to the horse as Piper charmspeaked. She gave little cooes as the horse wouldn't understand her talking. Annabeth, having taken many subjects during her time in school, understood about the birth of a horse and got the supplies ready for the goal to come. Frank sat next to me, waiting to shapeshifter into a horse if anything were to go wrong. "Deep breaths girl," I whispered quietly, the horses eyes looking around at everyone. She let out a whiny. After a few minutes a little foal could be seen as Annabeth helped the tiny one. The mare sat up a bit more and looked back at her speckled grey colt that stood behind her. The mare turned around and started cleaning at the baby who lay down, trying to make sense of what happened.

"Can we name him Cobolt?" Annabeth asked. We all nodded liking the name. "And how about Lady for the mare?" I suggested. They all nodded happily as we got up and left the mother and foal in the stable. Leaving extra food and water for Lady.

"How'd it go?" Calypso said running up to us. We all smiled at each other. "A speckled grey named Cobolt and a happy mother named Lady," piper said proudly. Everyone cheered and we sat back down. "Now That that's happened. We should start planning where he'll hit next." Jason said.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait. First explain to us who you are and what's happening." Vision said, he eyes glancing over all of us. Percy started the explanation.

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