5. fons et origo

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Father asked again seeing the worried face of mother, "What happened?"

All of our heads turned into his direction. He slightly raised his eyebrows for any answers from us.

We started looking at each other when nothing came to our mind.

"It's nothing, pot slipped from your daughter's hand because of me, I will make sure I will bring a new replacement for this." His Highness said breaking the silence.

When His Highness and father were talking my mother eyed me, which is not correctly understand by me. When we were eyeing each other I heard ruckus outside of our home. My mother eyed me not to go outside but I decided to go and see what this commotion was for.

When I reached outside everyone stopped for a moment then started asking me questions like who is he? Where I met him? Is he The Knight? Has he done anything wrong to me? Why he is here for? All at once they started showering me with these questions.

I got irritated and shut the door saying, "He is The Highness." even then murmuring did not stop at all I furrowed my eyebrows and opened the door again and asked them showing my pretending anxious expression, "What he will think of about this village and people here?" and shut the door again, a small laugh escaped my lips but I observe as murmuring stopped.

I sighed and turned to look as everyone inside was looking at me. Mama wore her best bothered expression, papa was almost expressionless and one and only His Highness wore the brightest expression with hint of amusement hidden, but not from me.

I lowered my eyes, slightly raised both my eyebrows and shoulders and make my way through Mama's back and stopped aside her, still looking at the ground. When I raised my head I found they were all still looking at me. A nonchalant sigh left my Papa's lips, Mama just huffed and again His Highness lowered his head leaving a non audible laugh.

His Highness cleared his throat gaining all of our attention at once, "It's time, I should be going."

My mother interrupted, "Your Highness, you did not even sit for a moment."

"I will be visiting in future and than I will be sitting here and talking to you all." His Highness replied. "Until than, allow me." he bowed with respect.

We all bowed too.

When he was leaving, he turned and slightly nodded at my direction, I observe my surrounding and bowed again showing my full teeth.

*Flashback End*

And that is how we came to know each other and we started meeting after that.

I looked around me as I still wandering but sun came just above me. I think in my head, 'How long I have been wondering?'

Kenna now surely going to kill me. I have left again without even thinking, mother will sure going to make plan with Kenna - 'How to punish Riona part 'n'?'

I laughed at my stupid thought, grabbing the thin sized weed stick from the stable and ran to my way home.

When I nearly reached my home I stand there for a moment thinking, what will I give excuse at home? Especially what will I am going to tell Kenna? I was at my bubble of thought when someone poked at my shoulder, I moved my shoulder indicated not to bother me. Again someone poked me but this time twice, a boy beside other house giggled. I furrowed by eyebrows, straighten myself top to bottom and turned to yell. But, there was my father standing with one eyebrow raised. I lowered both of my hand which was raised to complete my expression of agitated one.

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