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Third Person P.O.V.
"WHAT IS THIS?" Maddie yelled, beginning to laugh. She had picked up something off the ground. "It's a Christmas tree squishy with sharpie on the bottom," Simon said, taking it. "Uh, why does it have sharpie on the bottom?" Bram asked. "FORGET THAT! I WANT A SANDWICH!" Justin screamed. "Once again, amazing sandwiches come from that one over there," Normani said, gesturing to Camila. "NO! I WILL NOT SHARE MY TAKIS!" Billie yelled. "IT WASN'T ME ASKING THIS TIME!" Dinah yelled. "It was me. Fuck you Billie," Pete said. "BILLIE EYELASH!" Maddie screamed. "Ari? Are you done being bitchy towards everyone? Can we actually talk to you now without getting slapped?" Halsey asked, laughing. Ari looked at her, anger in her eyes. "What the actual hell is your problem?" Nicki asked. "MY PROBLEM IS SEEING THAT FUCKER PETE AND BEING REMINDED ABOUT EVERYTHING LAST YEAR!" Ari screamed. "IT'S NOT MY FAULT YOU HAVE EMOTIONAL ISSUES THAT YOU NEED TO FIGURE OUT!" Pete yelled back. "It's not her fault that you're just a sex obsessed ass who doesn't care about anyone's wellbeing," Lauren snapped.  "What the fuck can you say about people's wellbeing? It's not like you care," Camila snarled. "What makes you say she doesn't care?" Demi asked. "You wouldn't understand. You weren't there," Camila groaned. "Neither were you by the end of 5H. You left," Ally said. Soon, everyone was fighting. Cardi and Nicki were... FIST FIGHTING! Maddie was under the bed videoing everything. She, however, got out to fight Pete after he went after Ari. Simon and Bram joined in that fight. All of the 5H girls were arguing about... something. Offset was arguing now with Cardi over him cheating. "EVERYBODY STOP!" Billie yelled. Taylor and Selena were glaring at each other, but turned to look at Billie. "God damn it. If I have to be stuck on this bus with you arguing for this whole month, I'm gonna jump out of the window. Stop! They're all dumb fights over past events or nothing at all. Just quit," Billie snapped, glaring at everyone. Justin randomly started crying. Everyone stayed silent for a while.
"Does anyone want to watch a movie or something?" Halsey asked. "I vote no Disney," Maddie groaned. Camila glared at her. "I vote everyone shut up," Gabbie growled. "Has anyone vacuumed the toilet yet?" Justin asked. "That's almost as stupid as saying I need to walk my fish," Taylor groaned. "Maddie, tell the story of your brother and the fish," Camila said. "Oh. One time, my brother got pissed because my mom wouldn't let him PET the FISH," Maddie said, emphasizing certain words. "Pet the fish?" Ally asked. "FISHES!" Pete yelled. Maddie and Lauren both glared at him. "Maddie, tell the stories of all the fanfics you wrote," Ari said, holding up Maddie's phone. "WHAT THE HELL ARI!" Maddie screamed. Ari smirked, keeping the phone away from Maddie while reading the fanfics. "Ariana, give me the fucking phone bitch," Maddie snapped, startling Ari. "Maddie... I, I was just... I was messing with you," Ari said quietly, gazing down. Maddie sighed and gently took the phone. "What the hell do you have on that phone?" Cardi asked, smirking. "Personal shit... you don't need to know," Maddie said.
Later, everyone was getting off the bus at the bathroom stop. "Really? A gas station. I'm too good for this," Justin complained. "THEY HAVE HOT FRIES!" Maddie screamed, but was glared at by a worker. "Maddie... come here," Simon whispered. He dragged her into the family bathroom. Then, they both started making sex noises as loud as possible. Then, they walked out of the gas station without looking back.
"What did you two do?" Normani asked, smirking. "Did you two have fun?" Billie asked. "That was hilarious. Did you see the look on the clerks face?" Halsey asked. "WE'RE NOT LOVERS! WE'RE JUST STRANGERS! Oh, what? Did you say something?" Maddie was at first screaming lyrics, but then looked over at everyone. "Really? That song?" Lauren asked. "SHE LOVES CONTROL!" Bram yelled. Camila looked at him and then slowly looked away. "Who was that song about?" Demi asked, smirking. "A person," Camila answered. "IT'S ABOUT LAUREN! ADMIT IT!" Maddie and Simon both screamed. "I'm sorry... What?" Lauren asked. "CAMREN IS REAL!" Dinah yelled. "How about Mariana?" Billie asked. "Maddie's mad at me... Her and I will never be friends with how everything is going," Ari said sadly. "Who said I was mad at you? I just panicked because of something I didn't want you to find earlier. I'm not angry at all," Maddie explained. Ari sighed and mumbled, "OK then."

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