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Erick and Juliana were thrilled that they were having twins, one boy and one girl. Jonathan was excited to be a big brother to them he ran around the whole party yelling and going crazy. I left Zabdiel to watch Jonathan, I danced with him to distract him from going crazy. I didn't know how to dance but he just grabbed my hands and lifted them side to side while jumping around. I saw from the corner of my eye that Zabdiel left to go inside Erick's house and I know it's my cue. He's going to the guest house through the long way.

I handed Jonathan off to a random family member from Erick's side and I made my way to the dessert table. I took an empty tray and I walked through the forest in the secret passage way to the guest house we were staying at. Erick's men were already there hiding and Zabdiel will be nearby in case I need him. I heard a branch crack behind me and I immediately turned, sure enough Chris was there. He's a freaking stalker. I just looked at him oddly since we never spoke properly before, "Can i help you with something?" I asked with a raised brow, "I'm waiting for Joel we just wanted to walk for a bit." He said innocently and I nodded unconvinced. Joel appeared at a distance with a beer in his hand. "We need to talk." He told me and they both stood in front of me. They are both like a foot taller than me which lowkey intimidated me. I took a step back from them. "Talk about what?" I asked, "It seems like you're doing good with Zabdiel. How is he treating you?" Chris asked. "Why do you care?" I crossed my arms over my chest. "We're just curious." Joel shrugged.

"I'm great, we're great." I said, "I thought you'd be dead by now." Chris admitted. Joel smacked the back of his head and Chris's hat fell off. "Look we're sorry about what we did." Joel said, Chris rubbed his head and bent down to grab the hat. "It's whatever." I shrug, "Zabdiel and I had issues in the beginning but we compromised and we're happy now. So thanks I guess for bringing me to him." I said, "I know but-" "Just cut the bullshit. What do you want?" I asked.

"We need a favor." I immediately knew what they wanted, "What's in it for me?" I asked, "We'll bring you back to Florida, we'll help you escape. You'll never see us again." Chris said. My eyes widened, they'd do that? I didn't want them to but I mean they're that desperate? "I'm pregnant. I can't go to Florida alone, Puerto Rico is home now." I said, "Pregnant?" Chris asked and I nodded, "I can't believe it's been half a year already..." Joel said, "You've changed." He told me. "What do you want, Joel?" I asked trying to stay on topic. "We really need your help." Joel said, "With What?" I asked, "Zabdiel is planning on killing us." He said, "He is?!" I gasped, I feel like I should have been an actress instead of a tennis instructor. "You didn't know?" Chris asked, "I don't get into his business when it comes to his cartel." I said, "Zabdiel is going to start looking for me soon if I don't hurry and get the other macaroons. Follow me so we can talk." I said and they nodded and walked by my side. "I know you are upset because we kidnapped you but we wanted to live and we want to live again so we need you...again." Joel said, "I don't know what I can do." I said and I opened the door to the guest house. They followed me to the kitchen.

This is it.

"Just try to talk to him, he's like in love with you. Surely he'll listen to you." Chris said. I sighed as I opened the fridge to take out the macaroons. "I need to think about it because it he finds out that I'm helping you guys then he'll probably kill me too." I said as I placed the macaroons on the plate. "We'll give you money—anything. Just tell him to spare our lives." Joel said, Chris asked if he can get a macaroon and I let him. I turned to the fridge again and i got the bad macaroons in a little Tupperware container. "Do you guys like the macaroons?"  I asked and they nodded. "These are some ugly ones, they taste the you want some?" I asked, Chris shrugged and grabbed the box and ate one of the bad macaroons. "This tastes a little different, try it." He handed it to Joel. He grabbed a macaroon and they both ate it.

Oh my god

They're eating the macaroons...

"Zabdiel isn't going to kill you." I said and Chris started to cough. "He's not?" Joel asked, "No." I shook my head. Joel started coughing as well. "How are you so sure?" They asked.

"Because I'm going to kill you."

Their eyes widened as they held onto their stomachs and continued coughing. They started breathing heavily and I didn't feel bad one bit. Does that make me a monster? Chris tried to charge at me but he fell to the floor, he was in too much pain. Joel leaned against the counter coughing in pain as well. I felt hands wrap around my waist from behind and I knew it was Zabdiel. "Good job, muñeca." He said next to my ear. He rested his chin on top of my head as we both saw them suffer in pain.

Joel looked at us with anger and pain in his eyes. The empathy I thought I didn't have came all of a sudden and I didn't want to see. Chris started to cry in pain but Joel just glared at us, he's trying to fight the pain. I turned my head away and I took a deep breath. "How much until they actually die?" I asked, "Two hours at most." Zabdiel said and I sighed. He turned me around and gave me a hug. Christopher's cries were getting louder and I felt like I was about to cry as well.

"I wanna go back to the party." I mumbled and he nodded. Erick came through the front door and passed by them as if they weren't even there. "Juliana is asking for Isabella, she needs to go. I'll take her and you can finish up here." Erick said. Zabdiel nodded and gave my head a kiss and I was following Erick. Chris stopped screaming and he was whimpering now and Joel slid against the counter and sat on the floor.

When we passed by Joel I felt something grab my ankle and I almost fell. Erick caught me and I saw that it was Joel. "You bitch." He groaned in pain. Zabdiel kicked him and he let go. "Don't you dare touch her." Zabdiel said. Erick grabbed the tray of macaroons, the good ones and he walked with me back to the party.

What did I just do?

We are gathered here today for the remembrance of Joel Pimentel and Christopher Velez. Let us please have a moment of silence. 😔

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