Reek II (Theon Greyjoy x Reader)

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AN: This is, as I said, significantly longer than the first part.  The escape may not be entirely accurate (since I haven't seen this season in quite a while, honestly).  I do hope it is enjoyable, and it is not entirely fluffy.  There are suggestions of rape victim and obvious abuse in this, but nothing overly graphic.


The fortnight from your prior meeting with Reek was upon you, and you had courted Lady Sansa into your escape as well.  You were to retrieve Theon from his cell and meet Sansa at the wall close to the entrance of Winterfell, where the three of you would have to scale the wall and make your escape into the nearby trees.  With enough running towards the North, the three of you would be able to reach the Wall, Sansa reunited with her half brother, and the two of you seeking shelter in the wall until you knew what the two of you would do from there.  

You knew as well as he would have that Jon would not be fond of Theon after everything that had happened before the siege.  Theon had gotten too big for his name and created falsities that were unforgivable to most, especially for the Starks. Tonight, your main objective was to get yourself, Theon, and Sansa away from the merciless tormentor that you had almost become accustomed to.  

Theon, as Reek, stared at you with wide eyes initially as you walked in, reaching a hand to him.  Meekly, you managed to coax the fractured man to take your hand, before you noticed that he was limping.  Thinking quickly on your feet, you brought your shoulder underneath his arm, helping him to walk without placing pressure upon the leg that was injured.  

With this action, you were able to walk semi quickly from the cell, to the wall to meet Sansa.  No one dared utter a word as the three of you hopped down from the wall, trying to partially scale it.  You could hear from a distance that your ruse was already caught on, and that Ramsay had begun sending the hounds out for the three of you.  Ominous sounds in the malicious chorus of blood seeking hounds filled the chilled air as the three of you made your way out of Winterfell and into the wooded area.  Sansa had the easiest time making it through in the beginning, and was in front of the two of you. You still had to support Theon as the two of you made your way out, which had made you significantly slower than the redhead, but you moved with all your might, taking Theon along the way.  

The three of you made haste in the snow, though the bitter cold nipped at your skin, especially newly felt cuts that Ramsay had riddled your bodies with.  It stung to the point that tears dared well in your eyes, but none of you could look back. Further and further the three of you sought towards the direction of the Wall, freedom seeming to draw closer, yet still be so far from reach.  

One or two hot tears dared to fall from your e/c eyes as you made haste towards the wall, your body beginning to tire already.  It had seemed like Theon was moving faster than you were, but you pushed your body to your limits to keep pace with him. Occasionally, you had stolen glances to see Theon's sad yet determined face, causing you to let your lips curl lightly into a smile.  

His determination seemed to give you more strength, and it was as if the two of you were beginning to catch up with Sansa, when in actuality she had slowed her pace slightly during the escape.  There was no knowing how long the three of you had been traveling by this point, but the duration was wearing on everyone. The chorus of hounds grew close to your group, as did the sight of Castle Black, your destination.  The Wall was within sight, chill and exhaustion eating at the three of you, while Ramsay's hounds were right on your tail.  

Theon tried pushing you off of him, saying, "You will get there without me," in a broken tone.  It could have truly torn your heart to pieces, and you knew what he was thinking. He would not be accepted at Castle Black by Jon.  Both of you were already more than aware of what he had done, and the pentance that he likely would need to pay just to get into Castle Black's safety, but you did not plan on leaving him behind.  

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