Ch.5 Trucks, Am I Right?

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I'm surrounded by darkness. Everything was pitch black. I stood in the center, wearing a white dress and my pendant. A distance voice calls out, echoing in the darkness.


Kazumi... Who's that?

"Hello...?" I call out to the voice.

"Look at you, my dear... You've grown up into a beauiful young lady. And you kept the pendant, I'm glad."

"I'm Emiko... Who are you?"

The voice fades in and out as it answers.

"I'm... Your..."

"My what?"

"Your my... And your name is...Kazumi..."

I can't hear them. But, I can make one thing clear. This voice belongs to a man.

As I think of something to ask, a could see a blinding light rapidly approaching me.

"I have to go... I'll see you again..."

"What?! Wait!"

The light suddenly blinds me as it takes over my surroundings. I shot straight up in my bed while shouting.


My breathing wasn't steady as I look around. I was in my room. Once I realize it was a dream, I instantly calm down.

I stare at the pendant on my nightstand.

Who was that? Why did he call me Kazumi? And why did he mention my pendant?

"...Who were you?"

My bedroom door suddenly burst open. Isshin, holding a baseball bat, and Yuzu, holding a pan, barge into my room.

"Are you okay, Emiko? We heard you scream!" Isshin asks me.

"I'm fine. Sorry to have worried you. How are you two?"

"Fine. Though, I can't believe none of us heard that truck crash into our house."


"A truck crashed into our house late night while everyone was asleep." Yuzu explains. "There's a big hole in our livingroom."


~~~~Time Skip~~~~

The five of us were standing outside our home, staring at the big hole.

Do the others not remeber about the Hollow last night? And how come their wounds are healed? And where did Rukia go?

"Hey, Emiko." a voice whispers.

I look towards Ichigo.

"Do you...remember last night?"

So he does remember last night.


"Do you know what's going on then?"


"Breakfast is going to be ready in ten minutes." Yuzu announces as she heads back inside.

"I can't believe we were left with the repair bill." Karin sighs as she follows Yuzu in.

"I can fix it, no problem."

I sigh.

"It'll fix it when everyone is out today. So don't you dare touch anything, Mr. Isshin."

Isshin dramatically falls to his knees while fake crying.

"You're so cold to me, Emiko!"

"Get off the floor. You are a grown man for crying out loud." I reply in a cold monotone voice.

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