A Wish

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Han Qin Xi was really making it hard on her. She really won't leave until her wish gets fulfilled. 

Chu Feng sighed. Her hands were massaging her forehead. 

In the previous years, she had done what she wanted and refused to grant Han Qin Xi's wish. Now, she was having recurring dreams of Han Qin Xi showing up and always reminding her to grant the wish.

Han Qin Xi is just basically haunting her now, isn't she?

Han Qin Xi wouldn't even let her sleep in after restoring a house. Her life was really going downwards. If this was a job, she would have quitted already because of such a demanding and forcefull boss with a wish that is impossible to fulfill. 

"Ah, your wish is just really too hard! Don't you know that you are only a mob character set up to die?!" Chu Feng talked to herself. This wish thing of Han Qin Xi was just impossible to be granted.

"We've finally escaped and now you want us to go back? Why don't you do it then?!" Chu Feng was furious. She didn't want to go back there to sit and wait for death. Dying once was already enough for her.



Chu Feng got herself back together after hearing the knocking sounds. 

"Come in," she said.

Mei Lien walked through the door. She brought in a bowl of soup. 

"Mingyu made this for Miss."

"Set it down on the table," Chu Feng replied. 

She looked hungrily at the warm soup. It had been a while since she ate the soup. It was really good last time.

Mei Lien placed the bowl on the table as she was told to and went to open the window to let the air into the stuffy room. As she was about to ask if Chu Feng wanted her to cool it for her, Mingyu came in.

Mingyu gave her a look that said, "I can do it."

Mei Lien nodded and excused herself saying, "I'm going out to buy some materials and food for tomorrow." 

Chu Feng stared in confusion. Was Mei Lien able to read Mingyu's expressions? Even she didn't understand what Mingyu wants sometimes.

Mei Lien left quickly. She didn't want to see that sight -the sight of her crush feeding someone else. It made her filled with a feeling she despise so much -jealousy. But she can not bring herself to hate the Miss nor Mingyu. It was only her internal battle and no one else. She quickly went out and shut the door.

In the room, Mingyu picked up the bowl of warm soup. 

"I'm not sick. My hands are still useful," Chu Feng moved her hand out to grab the bowl from Mingyu but Mingyu pushed her hands back.

Chu Feng didn't like the feeling of being fed by someone. It made her feel useless when she wasn't. 

"Mingyu, my little child, give it back to mommy." 

Chu Feng went to grab the bowl a second time just for Mingyu to pull her hand towards him as he put the bowl of soup on the table and looked straight at her. 

Right now, Chu Feng felt like Mingyu was different. He looked angry for some reason. Her hands were gripped tightly by the young man's as he pulled her closer to him.

They were so close to each other that their nose were going to touch. Both could feel each other's breaths.


The room's door suddenly closed. 

Chu Feng looked over to see who was at the door. Did Mei Lien come back? If so, why did she close the door?

Suddenly, she felt like she was caught doing something inappropriate. She pulled her hands back and sighed. 

"Fine," she said. She'll allow Mingyu to feed her once. She'll give in just this one time.


Mei Lien took a deep breathe. Just earlier, she went back to get her coat in her room which was across from the room that Chu Feng was resting in and immediately closed the door. Did she really have to do that? Why did she even close the door for them?

Well, she should be used to seeing them like that now. It's not the first time that she seen them being intimate. Mingyu's got his eyes on the Miss and he is not wavering one bit. 

She looked up and stared at the falling snowflakes, making sure no water falls from her brown eyes. That thing inside of her cracked so much in just one day. How long would it last? Well, she could just be an empty shell. It was fine with her anyways. 

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