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Chapter Two

Running Away

Raven was skeptical about my brilliant idea. She was only two years older than me at the age 14, but she seemed like my mom at times. Her red-gold hair was long and wavy like mine. They fluttered in the air when she ran.

I persuaded her whenever my father wasn’t within earshot, which was at night and early in the morning. At the end, she agreed to come with me. We started packing as soon as she made her mind. Both our stuff fit into a single bundle of scrap cloth Raven had managed to get her hands on. It contained a change of clothes (two tattered peasant skirts and matching blouses), two pairs of sturdy-looking boots I had stolen from the maidens’ closet, a dulled kitchen knife, two loaves of burnt bread, a canteen of stale water, and a small framed picture of Mother. We didn’t really need the water since there’d be a stream and all, but Raven said that it might come in handy in case the water was dirty or what not. In the end, we were all packed.

We planned to escape at night, to attract less people. We’d just slip into the woods, and if all went well, by the time Father woke up, we’d be long gone. Raven said we should slip through the window, since there was a thick vine against the wall that was simple to climb. I agreed with her, and we hurried off to tend Father for the last time.

At 10:00 PM, Father had passed out on the couch from all the alcohol he had consumed. Usually Raven and I would lift him into his master bedroom, but tonight, we had other plans to attend. Where he fell asleep was where he’d wake up.

I met Raven in our cramped up, little bedroom. She had her sandals strapped tight and her hair in a loose pony, I copied her quickly. I held my breath as she gently opened the little window and eased her way onto the vines. I scrambled to the window, watching her move fast and silently down the winding plant, all the way to the bottom. She jumped the last few feet, her feet quietly brushing the ground. She motioned to me to follow her, which I did. I stuck my legs out of the window, feeling for the vines, which caught onto my sandal straps. But it wasn’t too tangled, so I managed to hastily climb down the vines. I breathed a sigh of relief as my feet touched the ground. So far, so good.

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