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"gguk, can we head out?"

jeongguk pulled away from taehyung, a sad expression on his face. jimin was standing beside them, his arms crossed. his face was puffy as though he had been crying. jeongguk rose to his feet questioned him, "where's yoongi, hyung?"

jimin looked down to his feet, kicking the air. "he left. with a girl."

his lips quivered, tears clouding his vision again. jeongguk placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "jimin, i'm so sorry. are you okay?"

taehyung stood up as well, awkwardly shoving his hands into his pockets. jimin shook his head, "i just want to go, gguk. please?" jeongguk removed his hand from jimin and turned to face the other boy.
"i'm sorry," he sighed, "thank you for spending the night with me, taehyung. get home safe."

taehyung held up a hand, pausing jeongguk's apology. he stepped towards jimin and held his arms open. to jeongguk's surprise, jimin flew into his arm. he sobbed while taehyung pat his back in comfort. it was a heartbreaking sight.

"jimin, yeah?" taehyung asked. he nodded. "jimin, do you don't need yoongi. he'll realize what he gave up soon enough. he's like a fucking," taehyung paused to collect his thoughts, "he's a fucking jellyfish."

jimin sniffled, "a jellyfish?"
"yeah, a jellyfish. no brains, no hearts, and sting like hell." taehyung laughed at his clever analogy. jimin let out a weak giggle.

"you said he left, right?" jeongguk asked softly. jimin nodded. taehyung gave him a pat on the back, "that makes the club officially pest free. this place doesn't close for another three hours, don't let him ruin your night."

the oldest opened his mouth to protest but taehyung was insistent, "i'll buy you a drink, come on." he reached for the two boys' hands and led them down to the dance floor. because of the hour, the pink lights had switched to a dark red. the three danced to the music bumping from around them, while taehyung and jeongguk continued to chit chat.

"hyung, what's your favorite color?"

taehyung looked at the younger curiously, "i have four, why do you ask?" he didn't have much of a reason to ask, he just wanted to hear his voice. "i think colors say a lot about a person, and i want to know everything about you." he answered sweetly. taehyung put his head down a second, hiding the blush across his cheeks.

"in that case, my favorites are black, white, green, and purple."

"how come?"
"what is this, an interrogation?"

jeongguk looked to his feet. he didn't mean to come across as annoying. taehyung caught the sudden anxiety and reassured him. "i'm only joking, gguk. i like them for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they aren't as bold as brighter colors, but still stand out."
jeongguk was amazed by his thoughtfulness, even for something as simple as colors. taehyung slid an arm around his waist before asking, "what are your favorite colors?"

"red." he answered with a smile.
"like these lights?"
"yeah, and black."

"red is a great color. i think it stands for bravery. that and lust." taehyung replied, finishing with a wink. jeongguk practically melted.

"are you two gonna stand here or dance?" jimin scoffed. he grabbed their sleeves and dragged them into motion. swaying to the beat of the music, jimin and taehyung mouthed along to the lyrics. jeongguk didn't know the song, however, so he stayed still. taehyung swiftly pulled him closer, their eyes locked.

"koo, you're nothing like the people in these clubs." taehyung whispered in his ear. jeongguk couldn't help but smile as he replied, "i could say the same, hyung."

"you wanna know what that makes us?"
"black balloons."
"black balloons?"

"you go to a party, you see balloons. red, white, green, whatever. you don't see black."

"yeah, i guess so." jeongguk was loving his analogies. he could listen to them all day.

"so that means we're like a black balloon in a crowd of rainbow. out of place, yet the same."

"you're pretty inspirational when you're drunk." jungkook grinned.

"it's a gift." the two leaned in impossibly closer, their lips only a fingernail away, when jimin coughed. loudly.

a groan sounded from the two boys as they pulled apart. jimin was awkwardly standing beside them, pointing towards the door.
"sorry to interrupt, whatever that is, but namjoon just told us they're closing soon. i thought it would be best if we head out."

"fuck," taehyung sighed, "that's a shame. i'll see you around koo, yeah?" he held his arm out for a quick hug, which jeongguk gladly accepted.

"absolutely. bye, hyung." jeongguk answered as jimin dragged him out the door.

after a few moments of silent driving, jimin finally broke the ice.
"jeongguk, babe, you have a shit ton of explaining to do." he stated in a half hearted laugh.

"about what?" jeongguk hummed in response. his eyes were closed, daydreaming of the boy he just encountered.
"idiot," jimin lightly pushed the younger back to reality, "taehyung. who is he? why was he all over you?"

jeongguk, finally aware of his surroundings, answered softly. "he was sneaking into the place, like us. he came through a vent in the bathroom. i offered him a drink and we just hit it off, i guess."

jimin raised an eyebrow in suspicion, "since when are you the type to buy drinks for people?"

jeongguk laughed, "ever since the universe gifted me with the presence of a literal angel."
jimin found jeongguk's crush amusing.

"get that dick, gguk. at least coming out here wasn't a complete fail, huh?" he laughed, but his sad expression said it all. jeongguk pouted, looking at the older in pity.
"about that," he sighed, "jimin i'm really sorry."

jimin's grip on the steering wheel tightened. he shook his head as he replied, "no, you were right. it was stupid to assume he would care. you can say you told me so."

"i told you so." jeongguk joked softly. jimin quickly switched on the radio to ease the tension throughout the rest of the ride.

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