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Chapter One

The Decision

That bastard, I thought, as I spit blood out of my mouth. I strolled through the meadow to the river and washed my face and rinsed out my mouth. Pools of red formed along the banks and I spit a mixture of water and blood onto them. That freaking bastard of a father.

I dried my hair, twisting my golden strands (so like my mother’s) to get rid of the water. Then, I put it into a bun so it wouldn’t brush against my bruised face. Every touch hurt. I sat down on a rock and peered at my reflection in the shimmering water. I looked intensely battered, like I had just had a fight. Which I did, of course, against my insane father. Father, I spit into the water wishing it was his face.

I stayed down in the peaceful stream for as long as I could, before walking back to hell. My home was hell. My sister Raven and I were treated as slaves by our father. If we did the slightest thing wrong, we’d get a severe beating that usually resulted days of bruises and pain. We both hated him, but what could we do about it?

I cursed my mother. She had left us, resulting my father’s madness. Before she had died, we were a perfect family. Now, there was no such thing as a family. She had been stupid and had run headfirst into the fire. Into death.

But as much as I hated her for dying, I loved her. She was the best mom anyone could wish to have. She was loving and kind and never treated us cruelly or unfairly. It was a tragedy when she died. And I never got over it. She didn’t deserve to die. Life was unfair. Life was cruel.

I looked up and saw my father’s mansion in the distance. I sighed and ran my fingers lightly over my face, then flinched. It hurt badly. I turned around and stared at the forest again. It was my real home, where no one could harm me or hurt me.

What if…we ran away? Raven and I? It would be heaven, shielded by trees, wind playing with our hair, and feeling the silky waters running over our toes. We’d never have to see my father’s ugly face, or feel his brutal beatings ever again. Never again.

I ran the rest of the way home, adreline pumping in my blood. I hope Raven would agree with my brilliant idea. After all, it'd be a miracle and a break from our "Father".

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