Chapter 11

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                      ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️
(This will not impact the story line, you can skip it if you would like... I will tell you when it is finished)

~Rye's POV~

Rye - "Don't worry, my roommate is a deep sleeper, he probably won't even be there anyway."

The blonde girl holding my hand giggled. I didn't know her name, but that didn't matter. She practically pulled me down the hall towards my room.

We reached my dorm and I opened the door. Immediately after we stepped through the doorway, she pushed me against the door, which was still open, making me fall over a little.

Without thinking, a laugh escaped both my and her lips. She got off of me and jumped on the bed, taking her shirt off in the process. I closed the door and followed her.

I lay down on the bed on top of her, supporting myself by my forearms as I kissed her. She pulled me closer. 

I moved my kisses from her lips, across her jawline and down her neck, leaving hickey's and love bites as I went. I heard groans of pleasure from her, which made me smile.

She gently moved her hands from my waist, up to my shoulder blades. Helping me do my work. She pulled off my shirt and threw it on the floor.

I stopped for a second to look at her. She was beautiful. Blonde hair with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I smiled. She smiled.

As I was leaning back down to kiss her, I heard a noise from the right.

I sat up further and saw my roommate. He sat up on his bed and looked at me. For some reason, when our eyes made contact, I felt guilty. I don't know why. We weren't together, and I didn't like boys anyway. I wasn't gay. Right...?

                      ⚠️END OF SMUT⚠️

~Andy's POV~

I looked at him. I can't believe that I had ever thought that he felt the same way about me as I did him.

Immediately I decided to leave. No way was I going to stay here. I stood from my place on my bed and left the room. I paused at the open door and looked back. Rye caught my eyes.

I turned around, opened the door, and left. After closing the door behind me, I leaned on it for a moment. After collecting my thoughts I went to Sonny and Brook's room.

After knocking, Brook opened the door with a worried look on his face. I cut him off before he could speak.

Andy - "Can I stay here tonight?"

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