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The smell of smoke filled my nostrils, choking me as I tried to breath in air. I saw bright orange flames dancing as they licked up the camp. Everything was on fire.

I coughed heavily, and then fell to my knees hacking, trying to get clean air into my system. I crawled over to a pond, as the fire fighters battled against the blaze with their powerful water hoses.

My eyesight was getting hazy, as I saw a figure running towards me. My mother. She was crying as she hugged me. I sunk into her figure, trying to get her warmth. Then, abruptly she let go and peered into my face, her eyes full of tears.

“Where’s Raven, Angela?” I looked around, puzzled. She got up and let go of me completely. “I have to go find her, babe. I’ll be right back. Trust me.” I had complete faith in her to find my sister, so I just nodded, letting her go. She waltzed back into the burning orange flames and black ashes. I watched her until her golden hair disappeared—

...And then everything went black...

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