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When Nicola is mysteriously murdered in her own bedroom, Ina vows to give up her life of partying and self-indulgence to catch her best friend's killer. Nine months later, however, she hasn't had much luck. She was raised like a wieldless soldier, but strength, endurance, and agility are getting her nowhere in her hunt.

On the same day as Nic's murder, one year before, another girl was murdered under similar circumstances. Whenever it counted, Maverik let his younger sister down, including the day she begged for his protection and he didn't give it. Now, his search for her killer has led to Ina's doorstep.

Meanwhile, in the Belosi palace, Vin remains trapped for a wielding they're too afraid to use. In the wake of rumors circulating throughout the kingdom that a sky wielder - once thought to be extinct - walks among them, Vin's wielding is needed more than ever. But their world of hiding away in their chambers comes to a sudden, jarring halt when they receive an anonymous letter detailing plans to murder their ex-girlfriend in three months' time. 



A NEW ADULT fantasy for fans of crime-prodedural comedy drama TV shows such as 'Bones' and 'The Mentalist,' and/or for fans of book series with large casts such as the 'Witchlands' books by Susan Dennard and the 'Six of Crows' duology by Leigh Bardugo. Any trigger warnings will be listed in this story part as soon as the draft is finished. 


The New Adult genre is different than the Young Adult and Teen genres. My youngest character is nineteen, and there is only one - the others are in their early twenties. There may be mature language and mature themes, but I plan to do my best to avoid needing to use the Mature rating.



Wielding: a heightened ability; power; magic. It is the noun form of the definition of to wield

Wielder: one who has the ability to wield a wielding.

Wield: also to wield; the act of extending/using one's wielding.

Wieldless: one who was born without a wielding.



Start Date: 7/25/2019

End Date: ?/??/????

Post Schedule: TBD - Check back soon.

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