Ch.2 Soul Reaper?

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I sit on my bed and brush my long black hair. I tie it up in a ponytail once I finish.

"Another lead gone up in smoke..." I sigh to myself.

I go over to my desk and pull out a piece of paper. I followed the information the ghost of an old man gave me. But, I got nothing.

"I still don't know where I came from, or even who my real family is..."

I crumple up the paper a throw it into my small trash can. I sit back down on my bed as I stare out my window and into the night sky.

I love the Kurosaki's for taking me in and treating me like one of their own. They didn't have to do that. I'm forever greatful to them. I try and ask how I could repay them, but Isshin told me not to worry about it. I tried asking Ichigo, but he said I don't owe this family a thing. I'm a part of it, so I shouldn't feel like I owe anyone.

They're all so sweet. Isshin makes sure I'm part of every family event and treats me just like his other children. Though, I don't call him father, it doesn't mean I don't feel like he's not my father. I love him dearly. Yuzu and Karin treat me like their big sister. They would come for help with school work or projects. I would help them out like a big sister would.

Then there's Ichigo... He cares about everyone a lot. Whenever I need help, he's kind enough to help me out like a big brother would. He even protected me from my old school bullies. And whenever he has the time, he helps me search for my real family. Though, I feel guilty when he does. I don't want him or the others to think I don't want them anymore. Or that I'm ungreatful for everything they've done for me.

That's why I usually search on my own. Or sometimes, Nagi would help me out. Though, I never asked her before.

As I stare into the sky, I suddenly remember something.

"I wonder if Ichigo fixed it."

I stand up and leave my bedroom.

~~~~Time Skip~~~~

"Ichigo?" I asked as I lightly knock on his bedroom door.

"...Come in."

I open the door to find him laying in bed, in a dark room.

"You need something, Emiko?"

"Did you fix my pendant?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. It's in my bag. The chain was easy to replace."

I walk over to his desk and open his school bag. I pull out a beauiful pendant.

I stare at it as the moonlight shines off of it

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I stare at it as the moonlight shines off of it.

I had this pendant ever since I woke up. I believe this is the only thing my real family left with me before they decided to abandon me.

I put the pendant on.

"Thanks Ichigo. I owe-"

"No you don't."

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