Lizards 101

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"What a glorious day at the park! Did you not think the baby lizards behaved beautifully?" Ravi asked us and Luke and I shared a look of uncertainty.

We just spent the day at the park and Ravi brought all twelve lizards with him. Like, if he thinks the word 'behaved' is the right term here, he needs a dictionary. Behaved is the opposite.

"If you mean beautifully by chasing a soccer mom up the climbing wall..." Emma began.

"And peeing in the water fountain." Luke adds.

"And turning that kindergarten class into an afternoon snack." I finish and Ravi looked guilty.

"Then, yes." Jessie says.

The elevator doors opened and Mrs. Chesterfield walked out with her dog, Zeus. First day here and I hated her, she's so stuck up and annoying. The lizards seemed to agree with me and hissed at the sight of the woman.

Chesterfield hissed back. "Disgusting little creatures."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Chesterfield." Jessie apologized approaching her. "The lizards have been a bit of a handful." Chesterfield turned to us. "And you meant the kids and my sister.

I gaped at her and shook my head. What a disgusting creature she is.

"Precisely." Chesterfield says. "Although if you're having trouble with those other animals I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands."

To anyone else, I would say yes, but to Mrs. Chesterfield? Not in a million years.

"You are all kinds of creepy." Zuri mentions.

"I could never part with my babies." Ravi says, approaching Chesterfield with a lizard. "Just look at this face."

I snickered when the lizard throw up on her shirt and she gasped with horror.

"He got goop all over my jacket!"

"Why do you think we named he Gupta!" Ravi beamed and I giggled.

"You know, uh, when a lizard throws up on you, it means he likes you." Jessie replied, sheepishly.

"No it does not." Ravi denies.

"Just go with it!" She mutters to him.

The lizard had a natural reaction to Chesterfield. When he sees something he hates, he throws up all over it.


The next day, I was eating breakfast with Jessie, Luke, Bertram, and Zuri.

I heard a yell and we all turned to see Bertram had been surprised by a lizard jumping out of the cabinet.

Luke and I laughed at this, but that laughter turned into yelling when a Luke poured his cereal into the bowl and a lizard poured out.

"Ahhh!" We both yelled and Luke jumped away, throwing the box.

"Yeah, watch out for the cereal box. Ravi Jr.'s been nesting in them again." Bertram warmed still petrified from the lizard.

"Ew!" I gagged. "I thought those were chocolate chips."

Jessie and Zuri spat out their food, pushing there bowls away.

"Jasmine! I'm afraid Mohandas got into your closet." Ravi walked in with a ripped up bikini and I gasped, standing up.

"My favorite bikini?" I asked and I glanced at Luke. "Looks like I'll have to stick to my one piece."

"Seriously?" Luke asked with disbelief and I rolled my eyes at him.

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