31 | You see him at school.

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Date: 8.23.19
Info: you see him at school.

Ponyboy: You and Ponyboy have English and Biology together at school. You two pass notes all throughout class and often have to read them aloud when you get caught. One time Pony had to read out loud "Dallas thinks Sylvia did anal with Randy", it was really funny to you but Pony was embarrassed.

Not only do you get to see Ponyboy in class, but sometimes if you have a big test he'll make you study with him in the library during lunch.

Sodapop: Even though Sodapop dropped out he still will come and visit you at lunch. Soda will sneak in during lunch and sit with you, Ponyboy, and Johnny. Soda usually gets caught by the principal and is kicked out.

When he does get caught he'll wait outside your next class and give you a kiss before he leaves.

Darrel: Your both graduated, but sometimes at night Darry will take you to the football field to get it on in the bleachers when no ones there.

Dallas: Dallas Winston never goes to school, but that doesn't stop you. One time you were running late to class and you saw Dally sneaking Ponyboy and Johnny out of school, Dally said "Hey doll, I was looking for ya" but you rolled your eyes and got to class.

Sometimes your teacher will be in the middle of a lecture and you'll look out the window to see Dallas standing there waving at you or trying to get you to skip.

Two-bit: Two-bit is crazy x2000 on the occasion that he does go to school. You help out in the front office during your free period and are constantly seeing him being dragged in the principals office by his ear. Sometimes Two's mom has to come in for a conference and she always tells you embarrassing stories about him. When Two-bits being dragged in he'll try and flirt with you by saying things like "You look hot today babe" or "We in for the Dingo later?"

Johnny: Johnny would never go to school if it wasn't for you, you literally go to his house or the lot every morning and drag him to school with you.

You and Johnny have History and Math together. You never understand what's going on in math so he always lets you copy him. If your feeling up to it you and Johnny will skip last class and smoke in the lot.

Steve: Your always scared your going to get in trouble when Steve is near you at school. You'll be in the middle of class and Steve will start running his hands up your thighs or he'll start rubbing your back.

You let Steve copy your notes when you get home because instead of learning in class he spends the whole period gawking over you.

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