025; real life

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The twins sleep for around four hours in their little bassinets near Thea and Awsten's shared bed, one on Thea's side of the bed and one on Awsten's, before waking up hungry.

"I'll go grab the bottles," Awsten mumbles, pushing himself out of bed to go get some of what Thea had pumped during their time at the hospital.

"You sure?" Thea asks, already getting Jade up and holding her to calm her down since she's closest to her.

"Mhm," Awsten responds with a nod, picking up Skye as he does.  "I'll take her with me, try to calm her down a little."

Thea nods, cradling Jade carefully in her arms.

Awsten heads off with Skye, mumbling little reassurances to her.

"I gotcha, Skye," he tells her quietly, "you're okay, angel, gonna get you and your sister some food.  You're just hungry, huh, baby?  Just wanna eat?  You don't gotta cry about it, sweetheart, we've got some food all ready for you and your sister.  We've got it, you'll be okay, sweet pea."

Awsten carefully holds her with one arm and uses his free hand to grab the twins' bottles.  He keeps talking to Skye until he runs out of words and starts humming instead.  He hums out random little tunes, calming Skye down a little but not enough for her to stop crying.  He carries her and the two bottles back to their room and continues on with his humming.  He comes back to find Jade has already stopped crying.

"How'd you manage that?" Awsten questions with a little a smile as he hands over one of the bottles and kisses her forehead before shifting Skye so he can feed her.

"She's not fussy," Thea replies as she lets Jade start drinking from the bottle.  "Think she was only crying 'cause Skye was."

"Worried about her sister is all?" Awsten inquires with a little smile.  "Sweet little angel worrying 'bout her sister like that...a worrier just like her momma, huh?  Worrying just as much as she breathes?"

"Hm, that conversation feels like it was forever ago," Thea responds quietly, "who woulda thought then that we'd be here now?"

"Never woulda imagined I could get this lucky," Awsten says, giving her a loving smile.  "Never thought I'd get this."

Silence settles over them for a moment, Thea looking down at Jade a bit and smiling.  Her eyes dart back over to Awsten when she feels him staring at her.

"You're staring," she points out quietly.

"Kinda hard not stare," Awsten retorts playfully, "you sitting there holding one of our little babies...I love you, all three of you and I'd be perfectly happy spending all my days here staring at you."

"Oh, you're just trying to make me wanna kiss you, that's what this is, isn't it?" Thea asks playfully, earning a little grin from him.

"Well, that depends," he starts off, drawing his words out a little, "am I succeeding?"

"Oh, yeah, definitely," she confirms with a nod, "but I always wanna kiss you so you really don't gotta try that hard."

"Oh, so all I gotta do is stand here and look pretty and you'll wanna kiss me?" he teases, shifting Skye a bit in his arms as she starts to fall asleep.

"Mhm," Thea hums, "that's all it takes."


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