treinta y cinco | gracias

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Gracias — thank you
Claro está — of course


Jeon Jungkook was sleeping among the clouds.

He was certain it wasn't on some creaking bed, pearl sheets stained from the consequences of heightened pleasure, and certain gestures which produced certain outcomes. He was in no doubt the place he lay was the highest tier of heaven, already imagining the rivers of wine and milk rushing past his feet, the pure goodness of such a place soothing his slick skin.

It was his imagination, of course. But what was sweeter, yet a fantastical reality, was a petite flamenco dancer, curled up in his stretched out arm.

As if sensing her presence, Jungkook, with great effort, half-opened his eyes, lowering his gaze.

And there she was, in all her glory, eyes closed and features softened to the point of innocence. Upon his arm she looked a thousand times smaller than he, an object so fragile, so vulnerable that if Jungkook were to even lay a finger on her she would break.

The man smiled.

He knew better. He knew Aeri Alvarez was not fragile. He knew Aeri Alvarez was not an object to toy with.

Her face, with the help of the morning sun streaming through the windows, glowed with a different light than he'd seen her before. It was ravishing how she glowed from any deity the sky offered, once stealing the shine of the stars, and now reflecting the gold off the sun's rays.

Even her chocolate curls scattered in a pattern which made her even more unreal than the stories surrounding her. Each strand obliged to accentuate her face, slither over her waist, caress her arms.

Jungkook's breathing failed to assist him. The dancer stole from him even the very oxygen from his lungs.

Dios Mio. The once playboy was truly and utterly in love with this woman.

On instinct, his hand commenced to curl away a few stray hairs from her face, fingers brushing away the locks from her shoulders, sliding them from view where he could see her, mostly covered in bedsheets.

He slid his body further down, until he was head-to-head with her, turning to face her on his side.

Continuing his idle enjoyment, his fingers turned to caress her face, knuckles brushing past her warm cheeks, marvelling at the universe's most exquisite creation.

Maybe it was the fingers, maybe it was the heavy, uneven, breathing, or maybe just the thought, but Aeri Alvarez shifted.

Eyes rooted to her, Jungkook saw her mouth move, and had the greatest fortune to see her eyes flutter open, like a butterfly's wings during flight.

The first thing her eye caught was another pair staring back.

Goosebumps prickled her skin as his eyes, once so dark and so enigmatic, lit up at the sight of her, exhausted yet so content.

His fingers lovingly caressed her hair as his lean abdomen went up and down, an uneven rhythm. The trail of his skin would have carried on if it weren't for the sheets cutting off the true star of the night from sight.

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