chapter 2

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Hey peeps.

So this is my 2nd chapter, well duh. And thanks again for reading this book.




I jumped a little, startled at the sound of my bedroom door slamming open. The attic to be more precise. My eyes were still half closed and my sight was blurry. I stared up at my brother in fear and hope. In fear because of the things he does to me. In hope so he'll think twice before doing anything. Clearly that wasnt going to happen.

"Get up you slut and go make me breakfast." His voice boomed through out the stone walls, the leaky roof and the chipped wooden floor.

I just groaned in response. Big mistake.

He stormed over to where I was lying on my make shift bed, fisted my hair between his fingers and yanked on it. Hard. The force was enough to have me yelp in pain and stand up like he wanted me to.

Without any mercy he dragged me out the door way, down the blue carpented halls and to the edge of the stairs all the while ignoring my pleads to stop.

This guy, my brother, the only family I have left is not the same person who used to help me climb the old gumdrop tree, play with me by the waterfall, or jump on our parents bed in the morning. Hes completely changed. Now hes just some guy who blames me for what happened to our parents, who beats me along with every other pack member and he acts as if all the memories we made together never happened. Yet, after everything hes done to me im still holding onto that little piece of hope.

I was cut from my trance when I felt a strong push. My arms went crazy as I tried to rebalance myself but it was no use. My foot got caught on the little tuff of carpet and soon I found myself falling down the stairs helplessly.

The bruises from yesterdays beating were beginning to throb again in addition to a bleeding nose. I felt the cool red liquid run down my lips. The bitter taste managed to get past my lips and to my mouth. I wanted to throw up right then and there. I hated the taste of blood. By now I should be used to it since this happens almost everyday but it's one of those things you just cant get over.

At the top of the stair case stood Ashton. His face looked stone hard and emotionless. His hands were balled at his sides, his jaw was locked in place and his eyes were burning with regret, pain and sorrow. But im sure I was just seeing things.

"Now go and make me breakfast." His voice held authority and warning.

I whimpered quietly as I got up and limped as fast as I could to the kitchen. Ashtons eyes were burning holes into my back when I whimpered a little louder because of the pain coursing through my body.

When I reached the kitchen the first thing I did was wash my hands and clean the blood that stained my upper lip. I stood on my tip toes and stretched out as high as I could and blindly searched the shelf for the first aid kit. Every muscle in my body was aching and throbbing in pain with every movement I made.

After minutes of agonizing pain my hand finally came in contact with a small plastic container. I pulled it out and placed it on the counter that now had small blood spots here and there.

After more minutes of agonizing pain I had managed to crack my nose back into place and stop the bleeding. I put everything back to where it belonged, cleaned the counter top thoroughly and got started on the cooking.

The bacon was sizzling away in no time while I limped my way around the kitchen collecting the ingredients to make pancakes. Its my brothers favorite. I had finished placing the bacon, orange juice and pancakes on the table just before everyone started filing in and sitting down. A tierd but relieved sigh came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

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