And you are?

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Alrighty! Well I'm deciding to redo most of these chapters! 


Justin Biebers POV~

Come on.. Come on.. Justin... You can make it... Almost there... 

I pushed myself to go faster. 

If you were wondering while I was running it was because I was getting chased by who knows how many fans. Not that I didn't love my fans, but lets be real here. I would get trampled. 

I turned the corner and ran into an alley. I saw all the girls run by me like lighting.

I sighed and put my head ontop of my knees. I put my black hoodie down and sat on top of it.

I heard someone cough and turned around to see a girl about 14, or 15 standing there. She put her hands on her hips.

"Oh.. uhm.. Hi" I whispered.

"Go away." She said looking annoyed. 

I was taken aback. "What?" I said getting up.

"You heard me. Leave" The girl said putting her hands on her hips and glaring at me. Her brown, wavy hair fell around her face. She was actually pretty cute. "Focus Justin, focus." I thought to myself.

I sighed. A hater huh. Never encountered one of those.. 

"Why? Theres no law that says I can't be here" I said glaring back. 

She sighed and grabbed my arm. She started to pull me out and I flinched away. I wasen't going to let some 15 year old girl tell me what to do. 

"Uh, I suggest you don't do that" I said. 

"Uh, I suggest you keep your moth shut, unless you want to get beat up" She said looking around and smirked at me. 

I started looking around. "What are you looking for?" I asked. 

" Them" She said pointing at a group that looked like a gang. I started backing up and ran out grabbing her. She may be a hater, but those people looked dangorous. 

I ran about two blocks, still pulling her along. She pulled out from my grip and rolled her eyes. "Please. They won't hurt me. They know me. They don't know YOU." She exclaimed. 

I shifted my eyes. "You see that's where you're wrong. Everybody knows me." I smirked and looked at her. "Who're you?" 

She sighed. "I'm Lexi. Lexi White." 

"Nice to meet you, Lexi." I smiled. 

"Sure. Okay. Well. I need to get home"  Lexi said looking at her phone and sighing. "Nicoles gonna kill me" She murmered. 

"I'll take you, if you want" I offered. 

"Fine. But don't talk to me. " Lexi said. 

We found my range rover, and started driving. Mistole started playing and she changed it fast than I could react. "No." She said. She switched it to "Mirror" by Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne, and started singing along. 

I smiled a bit. I drove to her house, after she told me where her address was. 

"There you go!" I said. 

"Uh.. thanks"  She said hopping out. 

I was still curious about who Nicole was, until I saw a girl about my age come out. I mean, this girl was pretty. No, she was perfect in my opinion.


//majorly editing everything.

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