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Yes, this is not a oneshot but please keep reading.


It is finally the school break. Waking up at an unacceptable hour of the day, I reach for my phone. I do the usual. Quick scroll through Instragram, Snapchat, and other social media. Nothing much has changed, personally at least.

A huff and a few pathetic kicks of laziness later, I get up from my trap also known as a Bed. The day goes on as usual as a day without school would. Breakfast as last night's dinner, go on my phone for however many hours. Go onto the internet and do anything and everything unproductive, eat junk food. Hours later, it's mid-day and boredom has deprived me of anymore updates on all social media platforms. That's when curiosity takes me to open Wattpad for the first time in months (whoops).

I scroll through updates from my library. Not much. I scroll through notifications on the only thing I receive notifications from: my oneshot book. Some people have voted, commented and added it to their collections. Cool.

I contemplate updating once again, despite my writer's, art and just the ability to function as a capable human being block. I almost get whiplash when I read at the top, just above the cover, title and such, that this book is eligible for a Watty. I laugh.

I have come to the conclusion that Wattpad has lower standards than my self esteem. (No offense)

Now, I do plan on uploading more onshots here, as it turns out I left some pretty alright ideas in the drafts that I should reaaaaally work on. Just... sigh, I dunno, don't expect too much please?

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