Chapter Two

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I'm in my bedroom getting ready for the races tonight, just simple jeans, vest top and heels, natural hair and make up, waiting on Mia who is in the bathroom taking forever.

"COME ON MIA WE GOTTA GO AND YOUR DRIVING!" I bang on the bathroom door.

Mia come out, not overly dressed like all the other girls that will be at the races, we're so similar in that way.

"I'm done, I'm done, come on!" Rushing down the stairs.

We all leave at the same time jumping into our cars with me sharing with Mia. Rushing through the streets of downtown L.A. we pull up at the races, everyone moving out of the way making the way for our cars. As we pull up I see Dom greet some people, two girls approach him but Letty walks over.

"I smell skanks, why don't you girls pack it up before I leave treadmarks on your face."

They walk off and Dom goes to her, "Letty I was just talking."

"Yeah, whatever." She says before standing by me and Mia.

Dom gathers everyone around calling for Hector as he looks after the money, the racers making their deals for the race, Brian comes over wanting to join them.

"Hey wait hold up... I don't have any cash... But I do have the pink slip to my car."

"You can't just climb into the ring cause you think you box." Jesse says.

"He knows I can box." Brian says pointing to Vince. "So check it out its like this... I lose, winner takes my car clean and clear... But if I win, I take the cash and I take the respect."

I nudge Mia in the ribs, "Your boyfriend is playing big tonight." I say giving her a look.

"He's not my boyfriend."

"But you like him." I smirk at her.

"Respect." Dom says and people laughing behind him.

"To some people that's more important." Brian replies.

Dom looks at Brian, you can tell my brother is starting to like him, he looks over to Brian's car, "That your car?"

Everyone walks over, Jesse rushes over popping the hood and taking a look inside, "I see a cool air intake, it's got a fogged system and a T4 turbo Dominic, I see an I.A.C. Controller, it has direct port nitrous injection..."

"Yeah and a stand alone fuel management system... Not a bad way to spend $10,000 ."

"He's got enough Nos in there to blow himself up, period." One of the racers say.

"So what do you say, am I worthy." Brian asks.

"We don't know yet, but your in, let's go." Dom says as he goes to his car.

Everyone moves to the cars driving off to the place where the races will be held, driving through downtown L.A., find the street and lining the cars all long, people crowding around as the racers line up at the start, others checking police scanners making sure none are near. Me, Mia and Letty watching Dom knowing he's gonna win.  The cars lines up, Brian missing slightly having to back up.  The engines rev up, loud music playing, given the all clear, no police around, Hector steps up signalling for the race to start and he shouts 'go'. The cars shoot off, tyres squealing speeding off. Dom's car is the first back, knowing he would win people rush up to him, congratulating him, Hector goes up and gives him his money.

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