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<hey guys sorry for this short up load. Iv been really busy and got in trouble in school a few days ago. Cough cough. Anyways this is short cause the price of paper I wrote the story on in math class I am unable to find. And also my mom is buggging me about doing home work. In which I have to write a full essay on teenage driving but... Fun fact! I am 14 b-day is November 1st. I have two cats and one bird and four fish. And I love YouTube. So check ounmy channel damianfan123. Soo here goes>.

P.s sorry about it not fitting in exactly u need to imagine for me and I'll some how add it in later if it is vital but I forget what happens.

I was sittig on my couch watching tv when my phone began to ring. When I looked at the txt vio was inviting me to the mall. When we got to the mall we headed towards the food court and I ran into someone. Like liturally ran into someone. I glanced up and for that one second ibcouldn breath. My mind blanked and I saw a very cute boy.

"sorry" I muttered and dashed away.

Later I found a pei e of paper in my pocket

•hey• it said •I'm Kevin from the mall today. Sorry about runnin into you. But text me or call me. 603-672-5333• I decided I'd text him.

Bfive minues later I heard my phone ring at the exact same time as the door bell ring. I picked up my phone and glanced out the window seeing Kevin texted me back and Shawn outside waiting for me to answer the door.

Soooo what do you think? Is Shawn and massie's relation ship ganna be threatend by this Kevin dude?what do yo think should happen. Comment or message me and give me some ideas.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx L

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