Chapter 27: Trust

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The goddesses were in line at the immigration check waiting for their turn including Midoriya. White Heart couldn't hold back her emotions due to Midoriya's personality traits.

White Heart (mind): What are you doing, Blanc! Get it under control! I-It's not like I like him, like him. She thought to herself in her head. She had a slight blush on her face. They both proceeded with the mission. As Green Heart raised her hand towards the air forward to the door, the door started to glow a shiny pink color. After that, it showed a hologram screen of a lady in a business suit.

Checkpoint Avatar: Hello, welcome to R-18 Island. First off, are you an adult? The woman asked on the screen. It had two options which were 'yes' or 'no'.

Green Heart: Of course I am.
She replied clicking on the yes option.

Checkpoint Avatar: You've been cleared. All your boobs are now belong to us. Have fun.

Green Heart: Sadly, I'm here on business.
She said going through the entrance.

Green Heart: Alright, see you on the other side.
She told them. She wonder if the last three were gonna make it through this. Purple Heart was next to go.

Purple Heart: Great!
She clicked the yes option. It made a ding noise like if you won something at the casino.

Checkpoint Avatar: You've been cleared.
After she was done, Black Heart was next. She clicked the yes option. It made the ding noise again. Nepgear was next. She clicked the yes option. Luckily, she got in because her height looks like the adult type. Finally, White Heart, Plutia, And Midoriya were the last ones. He was wondering if it would allow him to go through the entrance. He standed between them both.

Plutia: Hi, am an adult.
She clicked the yes option and so did White Heart. They both did it at the same time. Suddenly, the woman on the screen halted them still.

Checkpoint Avatar: Are you really over the age of eighteen?
She asked White Heart.

White Heart: Of course.
She clicked the yes option again.

Plutia: Me too!
She clicked it again as well.

Checkpoint Avatar: Honestly?
She said. White Heart was starting to get a bit aggravated.

White Heart: What? Yes, honestly!
She kept clicking the yes option while getting ready to snap.

Plutia: This thing doesn't believe meee.
She said sadly. White Heart was rapidly clicking the option still.

Checkpoint Avatar: You're really a little girl, are you?
She asked another question.

White Heart: No! Like hell I am!
She exclaimed as she clenched her fist and pounded the screen. Midoriya was shocked about her strength. The force of the pounding caused him to be freaked out a bit. This is what the woman on the screen said.

Checkpoint Avatar: We can see your chest.
White Heart was at her limit. Her right eye changed red because the woman on the screen said that she couldn't get in because of her...chest size.

chest size

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