Fragments of past and future

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Daylight awoke Hitomi. When she opened her eeyes, she saw Van watched her tenderly, leaning on his arm.

"Hello ... You are awake for a long time?" She whispered timidly.
"No, don't worry!"

He lied. He no longer sleep for a while. Seeing that he hadn't dreamed and Hitomi was lying, naked, in his bed, he had just watched her sleep, gently touching, taking full advantage of having finally her close to him ...

Slowly he stroked the face of the young woman, still sleepy, before expanding over her in order to kiss her, a long time.

"I'm sorry, but my King duties forcing me to leave you. The Council will take place within a little less than an hour, I can't be late."
"I understand ..."
"Also, I have to ..."

The hesitant voice he used left Hitomi perplexed.

"You have to?" She asked, a little worried.
"In fact, he continued, I cannot leave you here. At the end of the corridor, domestics are waiting for the moment when I leave my apartment to come and do the daily cleaning. So if you stay there ..."
"All the kingdom will know what happened this night ..."

With a small nod, Van confirmed the intuition that she had, which made her feel very bad.
After a last long kiss to reassure her, the young man stood up and picked up their clothes, tending hers to Hitomi.

While dressing up the young King looked out the window: the people just beginning to clean the city following the festivities of the night before.

Then, not hearing Hitomi move, he turned toward her.

Silent, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, frozen, looking at a blood stain on the sheets ... Gently, he approached her and sood up the young woman before hugging her in his arms.

"I'm sorry, I was too brutal last night ... I hope you are not suffering ..."
"No, be sure, I'm fine, but ... about the stains ..."
"Don't worry, I promise to solve this problem with the greatest discretion before going to Council."

When the two were dressed, Van led Hitomi in a small annex room of his apartments. Hitomi was surprised to see him drag a wall.
A secret passage therefore he drove into a small room just lit by a high gate open on the outside.
Again, he slid, uneasily, a wall, and this time they found themselves in one of the annexes of the apartments of Hitomi.

With an embarrassed face, he explained:

"There is the same passage to the garden side dependence. It's crucial that a Sovereign was never trapped in his apartment. Many macabre stories remind it ... But you can see with the fact that it was blocked, as this one has never been used to spy on you!"

With her hand, Hitomi chuckled before passing the threshold of the secret door. Taking her hands, Van spoke to her:

"Are you sure everything is okay?"
"I swear, it's alright! "
"Whether, you must know one thing, this night spent together only belongs to us. I promise you will not have to fear the consequences, I will not impose you anything. I know you need to think about, I'll let you all the time needed, but it will never break the moment we share together."

Then returning to his room, Van removed the stained sheet and put it in the chimney where he lit a brief fire.

And, while compromising piece of fabric burned, he replaced it with a new one before finally going out in the corridor.

Passing briefly through his office, his path crossed that of Merle. Looking around and seeing they were alone, he hugged her and whispering:

"Merle ... Can you ..."

The young woman gently separates from him and smiled before answering.

"Let's never talk about that again! You should know that you have never hurt me ... In my own, all I want is to see you happy ..."
"Thank you for always have being there ... " He added as he caressing her cheek before leaving.

He would have never thought that within less than a day, his world has completely changed. An unusual smile on the face, he went to the Council room.

For her part, Hitomi was lying on her bed, thoughtfully. What she had just experienced was surreal, but it was probably the most beautiful time she'd ever lived.


The day was not provided to dream because an information from Asturiahad caused panic among the soldiers of the palace.A new energist convoywas attacked near the border with Fanelia, but this time the massacrehad taken another turn.

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