"Tell me, why are you here to take us back to your camp?" Annabeth raised a cautious brow as she eyed each of the group; trying to figure out each of their strengths and weakness but failed. She could only see that the entire group was each others strengths and weaknesses.

Now Chris spoke up, stepping up to stand in front of his group that he adored so much. "Jeongin and Percy's father ordered this quest, and he made sure we were the ones to accept it by having Chiron tell me personally"

"Why would my dad—"

"Look we don't know why! Stop asking questions!" Jeongin raised his voice in frustration, he wasn't able to speak English super well but he could understand it perfectly thanks to Luna and Chris.

"He's annoyed with all the questions. We have no idea why your father gave this quest to us but we're completing it." Luna said firmly. Even with her pained state she was still terrifying to look at; especially with her intense amethyst coloured eyes.

Annabeth spoke up before Percy could say anything stupid. "We'll go"

Once the three had left to pack, Rickon leaving with them as well, Hyunjin had found his way into Lunas arms; his face buried in her neck as her gentle hands ran through his hair.

"You're damn scary, Luna" Chris let out an amused chuckle as he sat down against the wall. "I could see the fear radiating off them when your voice changed"

She chuckled while lightly shaking her head, "I think my eyes have a play a part in me looking scary, cause ya know; They're purple"

"No, any kid of Hecate is terrifying" Changbin pointed out.

They all laughed at him which made him confused until Seungmin brutally told him, "your dad is the god of the underworld, shouldn't you be scarier than her?"

Changbin fumbled on his words before shamefully staring at his feet. Luna smiled a bit before getting up and seemingly going to give him a hug, but instead she had put him in a headlock. "Cheer up Binnie!" She giggled as she ruffled his hair.

He squirmed and squealed in attempt to get out of her grasp as he clawed at her forearm "Luna! Let me go!"

A shadow snaked around her ankle to which she chuckled and pressed a kiss to his temple before releasing him from her hold. She winked at him before going to sit down on the floor next to Seungmin and Hyunjin. "You love me, Binne"

"Unfortunately" he muttered as he plopped down next to Felix.

"We fly back tomorrow so until then we stay in the camp; Make sure you're ready" Chris told everyone as he crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes scanning over each of them.

"I can go back to see if we left anything there" Jisung offered.

"Take someone with you Ji" Luna spoke up, he nodded before glancing at Felix.

"I'll go with you" Felix grinned as he stood up.

Luna smiled before standing up. "Be safe you two" she pressed a kiss their foreheads before they both tightly hugged her.

"You guys are close" Grover pointed out after Jisung and Felix left.

"All of us are, we're family" Seungmin pointed out, scooting away from Annabeth who had inched closer to him. He slipped into Lunas head and begged her to help him.

"Hey Minnie can we go over those notebooks you have?" Luna hummed as she stood up. The younger was eager to get away and shot up instantly as he nodded.

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