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After resting in the infirmary for a bit they headed to the counsellors office, apparently he was Chirons brother, Rickon.

"My brother sent you? Why wasn't I informed of this quest?"

"I'm not quite sure, he wanted us to go as soon as possible but we had to wait for one of our teammates to finish healing up" Chris explained, glancing over at Luna in the process.

"Hm, the infamous daughter of Hecate is on your team?" Rickon questioned as he scanned the girl. They all nodded.

A small, awkward laugh came from her as she inches away towards Seungmin. "My mother has an interesting rep, no?"

He laughed. "Interesting is an understatement my dear"

Soon enough, he had called in for the team to meet at his office as soon as they could, so it soon became a waiting game. Luna was sitting on one of the chairs as Felix checked out her ankle, gently rotating it around to test its flexibility and for any pain and or sore spots.

"I'm alright Lix, really" she assured him as she halted him from healing her ankle even more. "Don't drain your powers"

Hyunjin and Seungmin were sat on the floor next to Lunas feet, both of them idly drawing shapes into the wooden floorboards. Chris and Woojin were standing on either side of Luna, Chris was impatiently tapping his foot as Woojin played with a gentle flame in the palm of his hand. Felix was sat in between her legs with Changbin between his own while Jisung and Minho sat together next to Woojin. Jeongin was also standing next to their leader, his eyes darting around anxiously.

She slipped into Jeongins mind, telling him some soothing words in hopes to calm his nerves; she did the same to Chris who afterwards uttered out a soft 'thanks'.

After what seemed like hours had passed, Rickon had finally returned with three unfamiliar but familiar faces. A boy who owned the same coloured eyes as Jeongin—minus his heterochromia—a girl with the same eyes as Seungmin, and a satyr with tanned skin and curly hair. It was obvious who they were to the large group but the smaller seemed oblivious to who these people were.

Luna was the first to speak up, she stood up from her chair, eyeing the three as she spoke. "My names Luna, we're from camp half-blood located in Korea, we were sent on a quest to retrieve you three and bring you back"

"Pardon me?" The satyr spoke up. All of them held confused looks as they looked everyone over.

Seungmin stood up beside Luna, brushing the dust away from his trousers before speaking, "Grover Woods, a first year protecter; Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon and one of the only known children of the big three and Jeongin Yangs half brother," he paused as his eyes glimmered over his half sister. "Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, and my half sister"

The two demigods blinked as they stared at their respective siblings. Percy was the first to speak up. "I thought Poseidon and the rest of the big three didn't have other children"

"You're looking at three children of the big three" Luna said simply before she looked at them respectively. "Chris is the son of Zeus and our leader, Changbin is the son of Hades, and of course Jeongin is your half brother so you can put two and two together"

"And you?" Grover questioned. "You carry yourself like a daughter of the big three"

"I'm the only mortal daughter of Hecate,"

"You're mother is one of deities that mine worships!" Annabeth exclaimed "I thought her mortal child was just a myth"

"Well you're looking at the myth in the flesh" Luna shrugged as she simply sat down, feeling a sharp pain shoot through her ankle. Seungmin turned to look at her with his puppy eyes filled with worry, she could only give him a small smile as assurance. He instinctively went to her side and gently held her hand, giving it a small squeeze as he sat down.

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