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"What the fuck is that on your neck?" I saw as Zabdiel walked in the house. I was making dinner since Juliana and Erick had to cancel dinner, I don't know why but I shouldn't get into it. It's not my business. (Wink wink) "Nada." He said and he covered the side of his neck with his hand. "Zabdiel, what is that." I said firmly and I glared at him. "It's a...jejsjsjs" I heard him mumbled, "Excuse me..a what?" I asked, "A tattoo." He said, and I sighed. I closed my eyes and I rubbed my temples with my fingers. "Baby, why did you get a neck tattoo?" I asked, "I've always wanted one, I told you this before." He said, "I know but.." I didn't finish and I frowned, Zabdiel looks hot as fuck in tattoos but I've never been attracted to guys that are tatted all over like those shitty SoundCloud rappers.

"Do you want to see it?" He asked, i rolled my eyes, "I guess." I mumbled and he took off the plastic wrap carefully, the skin around looked red but it was a beautiful tattoo with multiple roses together. It looked really really nice but I still don't like them, especially on his neck. "Do you like it now?" He asked, "It's a beautiful design, but I just don't like it permanently on your skin." I said and he shrugged. "Why roses?" I asked, "Your name." He smiled and I gasped lightly. "Zabdiel...I didn't know you did that because of my middle name." I said as I took another peek. "I even got another one." He smiled and tilted his head the other way, my name was in small cursive font behind his ear. It looked so pretty but yet again it's another tattoo. "Aww why did you put my name?" I asked, "Because I love you, and I want you with me forever even though I'm away at work." He smiled and kissed my lips, I smiled in the kiss and I pulled away. "I don't like tattoos but I guess those will be an acception.." I mumbled. "I promise these are the last ones. No more tattoos from now on." He said and I nodded.

We both set up the table when the food finished and we prayed to eat. Zabdiel took a bite and I pretended I forgot something. "Zabdiel, I have a bun in the oven." I said and he didn't get it. "Oh okay, I'll go get it." He said with his mouth slightly full and he stood up to walk to the kitchen. "What's up with these presents in the oven?" I heard him and I tried not to laugh. "Bring them here." I said and he walked back to me with the gifts in one hand and the bread in another. The oven was cold and the bread wasn't warm but it was fine.

"Why do you have presents and a bun in the oven?" He asked and he turned to me. I shrug, "Maybe I'm going mental." I said and he just looked at me and back at the gifts. "Here open it." I said as I handed him the skinny kids book. I hid the other children's book, I only had the skinny children's book, the father manual, and the pregnancy test wrapped up. He unwrapped and he saw the book and with a smile he told me, "I had this book when I was a kid!" He said and I laughed, "Wait—" He said and I was happy he finally got it. "This is so perfect for Erick and the twins." He said and I just wanted to slap myself. For someone so freaking smart who can handle drug cartels and plan ways to deliver drugs illegally around the world he sure is stupid..

"Open this one next." I pointed to the next gift. It was the other book, he looked at it and gasped, "Erick is going to love th-" "before you finish open the last one." I said, "what is it a highlighter?" He asked as he unwrapped. "Eh, something like that." I mumbled and then he saw it.

He just looked at the test and he didn't move or anything. He had his mouth and eyes wide open, does he not want the baby?

"This is yours right?" He asked and he finally looked at me. I nodded with a big smiled and he returned one back, he instantly lifted me up and he spun me around. He finally put me down but he didn't let go. "Voy a ser padre." He said lowly. "Si Zab." I confirmed and I hugged him tighter. I heard him sniffling and I was shocked, he was crying?!

"Papi estas llorando?" I asked, he nodded and he held me tight. "Gracias Isabella, this is a dream come true. Out of all my dreams that have been already crushed, this one makes me forget all that. This is the best thing you could ever give me, muñeca. I've always wanted a child with the woman I love and you helped me. I love you so much." He said with a sniffle. My heart fluttered and I don't know if it's because of what he said. But I was so happy that he was happy as well. I'm pretty sure Zabdiel will be a great father. I just hope we can raise the child correctly.

"I love you too Zabdiel, we're going to be parents!" I squealed and I pulled away. His lips found mine and we shared a long passionate kiss. "I got you a book that shows you how to help me when I get all big like a whale." I laughed and he wiped his tears with a laugh. "God I love you so much." He told me and embraced me in another hug.


I grabbed the macaroons and I put them on the table outside, the party was already full and we were just adding some more food here and there since everyone kept eating. The people who guess for the baby to be a girl need to wear blue and the people who guess for the baby to be a boy have to wear yellow.

I wore blue and Zabdiel looked so good in yellow

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I wore blue and Zabdiel looked so good in yellow. He looks good in everything but I mean come on...it's my favorite color! Zabdiel found me and we talked to a little bit of people, mainly other drug lords but they're were all in the same squad as Zabdiel and Erick. They watch each other's backs.

Zabdiel had a beer in his hand and I had a clear plastic cup with blue lemonade. I never let go of Zabdiel's hand, I just didn't want to. I barley knew these people. I almost spit out my drink when I saw Joel and Chris walk in with a small gift. They were both wearing yellow as well. "I'm going to kill him." Zabdiel muttered, I guess he saw them too. "Stop it." I told him. We saw Erick walk up to them and give them a bro hug and they shook Juliana's hand.

Erick guided them to our table and I sucked in a breath

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Erick guided them to our table and I sucked in a breath. "Zabdiel is going to behave and remove anything business related from this special celebration. If you can't handle eachother then don't get close to one another alright?" He told Joel and Erick and they nodded, Joel took his arm out to shake and I looked into his eyes. Before I could even look away Zabdiel stood up and grabbed my hand and guided me away.

He wasn't rough with me but he wasn't gentle either. I thought it was best to follow Zabdiel until I had to leave and lure Joel and Chris to eat the macaroons of death. I glanced at them and they were just looking at us. As if they were trying to figure us out... "If he looks at you one more time I swear I-" I interrupted him with a kiss. I grabbed his face and I got on my toes. "Papi, everything is going to be okay. I promise." I said, he smiled lightly and gave me another kiss. "I hope so." He said.

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