Chapter 4: Put All Your Thoughts To Bed

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Chapter Summary: The boys are confused.

Aka: Harry learns that wizarding slavery is a lot more messed up than he originally assumed, and Tom's on the verge of a mental breakdown.

 Harry suppresses the urge to sigh again, because that really can't be good for his health. Riddle is still kneeling in front of him, waiting for Harry's next order, which means that Harry actually has to say or do something and can't just pretend this is all a bad dream. He can't even put the food away as an excuse, because Kreacher had just magically cleaned the table, diligent as always.

He watches Riddle sway, his obvious exhaustion finally catching up with him. After everything that's happened today, Harry's surprised it took this long, to be honest.

"Alright, you look like your about to keel over, so how about we find you a room and we'll deal with.. this," Harry gestures to both of them, but mostly to Riddle, "tomorrow."

Harry leads Riddle through the house, walking through the familiar hallways and up the stairs, only to make a sudden stop when he realizes something. His eyes widen because how could he have forgotten, and he mutters a quick "Stay here," before making his way back to the bathroom.

. . . . .

Only a few moments later, before Tom has time to do anything but shift his feet a bit, Potter returns with a small tub in his hand. He motions for Tom to follow him, and Tom obeys.

He doesn't really know where they're going, but Tom has a feeling he won't really like it. Potter mentioned finding him a room, and Tom can only guess what that means. He knows that Potter doesn't trust him—and rightfully so.

He'll probably be chained to something, Tom realizes. No matter how lenient Potter has been so far, Potter is anything but dumb. He would never—should never—let his guard down around Tom, not after everything he's done.

Which means Tom will presumably be chained to something. Most likely, a cold stone wall. At best, Tom almost dares to hope for a carpeted floor. Potter wouldn't take the risk that Tom might think about running; chaining him to something greatly diminishes that risk, all while reminding Tom of their respective places—something which Tom isn't likely to forget anyhow.

And Tom harbors no thoughts about running. It would be a pointless endeavor—everything here has magic, and Tom.. doesn't. (He doesn't even want to think about his magic, locked up in his core, only accessible through Potter's unlikely order.)

(Tom misses his magic so much.)

Plus, on the off chance that he did somehow escape, a simple 'Point Me' would lead them right to him. He's also sure the Ministry did a tracking spell on him, as well. No, trying to escape would only end up badly for him, because Potter would probably delight in the opportunity to punish him, and a slave trying to escape is a grave crime, at best.

Tom's already decided to be good for Potter. He wouldn't dare be anything else.

The collar around his neck feels heavier, somehow.

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