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The actual process of giving birth is not something Awsten is excited about seeing and Thea seems to be in a lot of pain as the doctor and nurses encourage her to push and tell her she's almost done.  Awsten wonders how she's almost done if she doesn't even have one baby out yet when there's supposed to be two of them but he doesn't voice that concern, instead letting Thea squeeze his hand so hard it hurts.

"Big push," the doctor encourages, "first one's almost out."

Thea cries out in pain before the crying of the first baby is heard.

"It's a girl," the doctor announces as she lets a nurse cut the umbilical cord and clean off the baby along with doing the routine set of care for a newborn before wrapping her in a little blanket and handing her over to Awsten.

"Oh my god," Awsten mumbles as the baby stops crying, calming down in his arms.  "Thea, our baby, this is our baby."

"Mhm," Thea is clearly already exhausted but manages a little smile as she looks over at Awsten holding the baby.  "This one Jade?"

"Yeah," Awsten agrees, "Jade."

It's quickly time for Thea to start pushing again.  This time, Awsten can't hold her hand because he's holding Jade and Thea seems okay with that.  The second baby comes quicker than the first the doctor announces that it's another girl.

"This is so not what I meant when I said maybe we'd get to use both names," Awsten mutters as he hands Jade over to Thea so the nurse can give him Skye.  "I love them.  I love them both, oh god."

"I love them too," Thea says quietly, smiling down at Jade before looking over to Awsten being handed Skye and smiling at them too, exhausted but happy to finally meet the twins.

The twins, Thea, and Awsten are taken over to a different room where visitors can come in after the birth certificates are filled out.  The twins each get little cradles to sleep in while Awsten and Thea give all the information for the birth certificates.  As soon as they can, Awsten and Thea are holding the twins again though.

"You ready to let everyone in to come meet them or d'you wanna just rest for now?" Awsten asks, forcing himself to look to Thea instead of the little baby resting in his arms.

"They can come in if you're ready," Thea replies, fighting off her tiredness to have some more time with the twins.

"Okay," Awsten responds with a nod before looking down at Jade.  "Just another minute.  I don't wanna put her down to go get everyone yet."

Awsten waits a little longer before laying Jade down in her cradle to go invite the group to come in and meet the twins.  He hurries, not wanting to be away long, and them returns with Elijah, Sam, Shane, Ryland, Morgan, Andrew, and Garrett.

"This is Jade," Awsten introduces, carefully lifting Jade out of the cradle.

"And this is Skye," Thea adds on, smiling down at the baby in her arms.

"As the godparents, I think Sam and I get to hold them before anyone else besides you two," Elijah speaks up, earning a nod of agreement from Sam, "can we?"

"Yeah, just be careful.  They're small," Awsten allows after a nod of agreement from Thea to make sure she's okay with it too.  He hesitantly hands Jade over to Sam and Thea does the same with Skye to Elijah.

"Hello," Sam coos playfully, holding Jade carefully, "hi, I'm gonna spoil you forever and ever."

Elijah gives a quiet laugh, glancing towards Sam and Jade before looking down to Skye.

"Don't worry, I'll spoil you more," he says quietly with a grin, "I'm the cool one."

"I will spoil them plenty y'all can back off," Awsten mumbles playfully.

"Oh, yeah, as if this whole group isn't gonna be spoiling these girls at every turn," Elijah remarks sarcastically, "Shane probably already has a whole room of stuff for them."

"You didn't need to call me out like that," Shane speaks up, "now I deserve a turn to hold her!  Is that okay?" he looks over to Awsten for permission since Thea fell asleep at some point.

Awsten nods and eventually everyone gets the chance to hold the twins and Awsten wants nothing more than to be holding at least one of his babies again.  He knows that holding them both at once would be kind of difficult and probably not the best idea here without a good spot to sit so he can only hold one at a time for now.  But he doesn't have either of them because everyone wants a turn to meet them.

Once everyone has had a turn holding them, Awsten takes Skye starting to cry as an excuse to hold her himself.

"It's okay, baby," he mumbles, rocking her carefully in his arms, "I gotcha, it's okay."

"Aws?" Thea mumbles, slowly waking up at the sound of Skye crying.

"She's just being a little fussy," Awsten tells Thea, "I got her.  I can handle this.  Go back to sleep; you gotta rest."

Thea nods, already barely awake as it is.  She believed him when he could handle this and is too exhausted to try to force herself to stay awake.

Awsten gets Skye calmed down fairly quickly and she's soon sleeping peacefully in his arms while Jade lays awake in Andrew's arms.  Jade gets passed around a bit more before settling in with Elijah and falling asleep safely in his hold.

Visiting hours are soon at an end and the group has to leave.  Awsten hesitated to put Skye down in her cradle but forces himself to do so, knowing he needs to get some sleep too.  After he puts her down, he tries to figure out where it is he'll be sleeping for the night.

"Aws, d'you wanna lay down?" Thea offers, shifting tiredly to make some room for him on the small hospital bed.

"Thanks," Awsten mumbles, kicking off his shoes and lowering himself onto the bed carefully.  The only way for them both to fit on the tiny bed has them cuddled up together, which neither of them mind.  Awsten's arms are wrapped loosely around Thea and their legs are overlapping as no space is left between them.

They sleep for a while before one of the twins wakes up and starts crying, which wakes up the other one and makes her cry too.  Thea and Awsten drag themselves out of bed and calm down the twins before getting in a few more hours of sleep before morning rolls around.

They don't have to stay in the hospital long, only having to wait two days before they can head home.  Elijah had insisted on making sure everything in the new house got unpacked for them so they didn't have to worry about anything besides the twins when they came home so they're at least coming home to something livable and won't have to unpack and organize while trying to take care of two newborns.

Everyone wants to be there to welcome them home but Awsten politely suggests having everyone over the day after they come home instead.  He and Thea both agreed that they'd rather have a minute to settle in before having any sort of get-together.  Their friends were all understanding about it and said they'd wait however long the pair needed.

Now, the little family has finally arrived at their new home, and everything feels right.


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