Chapter 13

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Warning: there is some mature content her so if you don't like that our your just to innocent for this pleas skip the parts were it says "mango ". And berry is to continue reading.Don't ask
Your pov
I woke up to see Felix playing with my hair. "Hey w-w-what are y-y-you d-doing here?" I asked. "Don't you remember? Oh well guess I'll have to remind you "he said kissing you passionately.  MANGO
He bit your lip which caught you of guard which aloud him to slip his tongue into your mouth. You were both breathing heavily by the time you broke apart. Suddenly, he starts to kiss your neck going lower until he reached your breast. " um w-w-what a-are you doing." I said . "Nothing " he said innocently. He kissed my neck again and I let out a slit moan. Berry
. " BOI GET UP!!!" I heard Woojin say.
Felix got up as Woojin started chasing him with a broom. I walked in and the guys gasped. "Wow were did you get those?" IN said innocently. "Did you guys f-" Jisung was about to say when Chan hit him with a newspaper. "He is to innocent to know this " he said. "Come on" Felix grabbed my arm dragging toy pathetic room. Mango
He pushed me down and started to take of my shirt. "Will it hurt?" I asked scared. "Don't worry it won't. I also brought protection." He said smirk as he pulled my underwear down.
I feel happy when I am with him. I feel loved. He is the reason why I still have a life. I will forever love you Felix
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