I'm Baaaaack

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20 Fucking Thousand Reads !!!!! Holy Fucks !!!!! Okay, so it's almost 1 AM, I am losing my mind, then I saw the reads and almost lost my shiiittttt.

Seriously, do you want like a Q&A or sequel or a book about other characters in this book or nah? At this point I will probably give you anything you want because DAMN. Fun fact; I like comments more than votes. If you comment, I jump around and smile all huge and flip out because "YES, PEOPLE WANT TO TALK TO ME ABOUT SOMETHING THAT I CREATED ! GO ME !"

This'll probably be useless information about me that ya don't give a fuck about for the rest of this. 😁

I have been losing my mind lately and idk why. Like, I have been thinking about all these weird ass people that I don't wanna think about, and thought I was damn will over and thinking bullshit about good people who don't deserve it. Also, I feel like people were changing me so I got all mad and pouty and grouchy and started being stubborn to everyone and I don't really think that was the right route.

The last thing that I wanna do is apologize because hellooooo, prideful bitch. I also feel little ALLOT lately and HATE my own headspace so I start trying to curse and scream and shit and I don't really think it helps. . . I just kinda feel guilty when I am still being tempted to slip.

Buuuut, if you are still around, thanks you babes. Pleeeease check out my other books and comment, then I won't update this thing anymore ! (Who am I kidding, this book still excited me.) 😂

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