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My eyes kept going back and forth to the ornate clock hanging on one of the Ballroom's Grand wall. 

"What's wrong?" Rhys whispered in my ear before shaking hands with yet another Alpha couple. 

The couple then turned to me before shaking my hands and schmoozing my ear off about this year's event. 

It's been the same thing every year for seventeen years. 

It's the night I've dread every single year since it was proposed 

The one night in which our community comes together to throw a ball and commemorate all our fallen brethren that died during the Wolf Moon seventeen years ago.

Since Rhys and I are the current King and Queen of the Wolves, we are obligated to host and schmooze with all council members and wolves of our kingdom. 

I love my people, I truly do, but there are just some wolves that I want to strangle with my bare hands because of their arrogance. 

Just because we have more gifts than the average human doesn't make us better then them. 

Power doesn't make us superior. 

If we're being honest here, I think the power we have makes us weaker than the Humans. The power we have can bring us to our knees if we're not careful. 

The Wolf Moon was the perfect example of that

I politely thanked the talkative couple and waved them on as they walked toward the open bar. 

I sighed and slumped against my Mate 

"Something's going to happen tonight" I worried my lip and I looked into his beautiful grey eyes "I can just feel it" 

He gave me a lopsided grin, one that could melt my heart in two seconds flat, and caressed my very noticeable and pregnant belly 

"It's just the hormones talking Princess" he kissed my cheek and continued to rub my stomach "They're making you anxious" 

I scowled and pushed him away from me

"I know what hormones are like Rhys" I hissed at him as a nosy elderly couple passed by "Don't forget I gave birth to your son not so long ago" 

"Six years is quite a bit of time Kass" he said softly "Besides, this is your second pregnancy and the Doctor told us that all pregnancies will differ from the first" 

"I know what I feel Rhys" I seethed "And I'm telling you, something's going to happen tonight" 

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