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Hello to anyone who reads this. This used to be my favorite show growing up and I recently started watching it again and this idea popped into my head. I just felt like I had to write it down, but I should warn that this story will probably have slow updates. Please excuse any grammar mistakes. I'm just doing this for fun, but you can point them out if you want (preferably done in a nice way). I should also point out that this is a JacksonxTaylor story because Taylor was my favorite in the show and Melissa was my least favorite and that might show in this story.
Disclaimer: I do not own Flight 29 Down. Obviously.

    Taylor Hagan just wanted to go home. That's all Taylor wanted since the plane she had the misfortune of being on decided to make a detour and crash-land on a deserted island. She couldn't help but think that if things had been different she would already be back home telling her parents about the amazing trip she had in Palau.

    Instead, Taylor found herself in a situation that she didn't think the others could get her out of this time. She didn't know how everything went so wrong. One moment she had been coming up from the beach, not wanting to deal with Daley's latest screw up, and the next Captain Russell had been raving on about someone destroying something while threatening to burn down their camp. Taylor would be lying if she said she wasn't scared. If only she knew that it was only going to get worse, then things could have gone differently. Unfortunately for her, Taylor had no way of knowing— none of them did.

    It had all been going great at first. After Eric had pried the torch from Captain Russell everyone seemed to breathe easier knowing that the danger had passed. However, the altercation that had occurred only seemed to agitate the captain further and only had him throwing out threats as he slowly backed away from the group. It was during the middle of his rant that Melissa chose to interrupt him by telling everyone to quiet down and listen. Taylor didn't know what she was suppose to be listening to until she heard a light buzz in the air. The others seemed to have heard it as well as they all started looking towards the sky wondering what the noise was.

    "What is that?' Nathan asked, looking to the sky in hopes that his question would soon be answered.

    Hesitantly, Daley answered, "storm?" However, her brother Lex scrapped that idea out with a quick no while the others continued to look towards the sky. Before anyone could say anything a small plane flew over their campsite and towards the beach. In their excitement the young survivors seemed to have forgotten about what had happened before the plane had appeared as they ran down to the beach in order to wave down the plane. It was while they were busy shouting for the plane to turn around that Captain Bob Russell noticed the camp knife laid down by the campfire.

    "They destroyed everything," he told himself. "Everything!" He swung the knife around as he cackled maniacally, thinking about his revenge on those little brats. First his plane and then his boat or is it the other way around since he knew about the boat first. It doesn't matter, in the end they will pay for what they did. They'll see why they should not mess with the captain, they will all see. Captain Russell swayed as he clutched the knife to his chest, stroking it slightly as his mind unraveled even further with each thought.

    Had everyone stayed on the beach then everything would have turned out differently. The plane would have landed and the thought of being able to finally get off that island would have been able to snap the captain out of his mental break. At least enough for him to realize that going after the others with a knife would probably be a bad idea. However, that isn't what happened.

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