Chapter 6- Friends?

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Zach's POV
I wake up and see bright lights. I'm not in the hospital though. I see our school nurse on the computer. I then turn to see a girl. I think her name is Christina. She was sitting there holding my hand. I pulled it away not knowing who she was or if she would hurt me. "Oh, good your awake" she says in a sweet tone. "Who are you?" I ask already knowing who she was kinda. "I'm Christina, I saw my boyfriend and his friends walk out of the bathroom and one of them had blood on their fist. I instantly ran in there and saw you knocked out. I took you in here and the nurse took care of it." She explained. "Thankyou" I say sitting up. "Of course, um.. I have a question" "what is it?" I ask in a curious tone. "Can we be friends?" I think of all the friends I have had. My friend in kindergarten left me because I looked weird. But that was kindergarten, kids are just kids. Then in 5th grade my best friend said I was too nerdy. In 8th grade I didn't have enough friends. And this year, it's because I'm gay. I feel a tear roll down my face. "Hey, are you okay?" Christina wipes the tear off my face. "Why would you want to be my friend? Everyone who has been my friend has left me." "I would never hurt you, I know you've been hurt before and I don't want it to happen again. That's why I want to be your friend. To protect you and so you have someone other than the people you lie to." She tells me. I can tell she's being honest because I know when somebody lies. "I would love to be friends" I say. "Great!" She gets up excitedly and pulls her phone out of her pocket. She hand it to me and asks me for my number. I give it to her and put it under Zachy🤪. "Thanks! I'll text you tonight!" "See ya" I wave and smile. She really seems so nice, but why would she be dating one of the boys. Such a nice girl with one of the biggest dirtbags in the school. Maybe she wants to find the good in him? If there is any. I check out of the nurses office and head home. My mom was home because her work ended a while ago. "Where were you Zach?! I was so worried about you!" My mom comes up to me hugging me tight. "I was fine, I was just making up a quiz" I lied once again. So many lies. I get up to my room and shower and get to sleep.
Time skip to next morning
*ring ring* I hear my alarm go off. "Ughhhh" I groan. I press the sleep button on my phone and fall asleep again. About five minutes later it goes off again. "Fine!" I hit the stop button. My throat was scratchy and I had a small headache. I ask my mom if I could stay home. She took my temperature and I had a fever but it wasn't horrible. "Yes you could stay home but if you start to feel better you have to get to school because your grades are dropping" she tells me. "Okay" I sigh. I get into bed and text Christina telling her I'm sick. She said she'll take notes for me. "Hey honey, can you ask Eben to take notes for you?" I hear my mom ask. She doesn't know about Eben. "My friend Christina is taking notes for me" "who's Christina?"
"She's a new friend. I met her yesterday" I explain
"That's great" she tells me
I hear my phone ding. It's probably Christina sending me some notes. I grab my phone and pull it off the charger. I check my texts and I got one from Eben. Dang it! Why didn't I block him?
Eben:come outside
I leave the text on read and don't do what he says. I hear another ding go off
Eben:I need to tell you something
Eben:and Jacks with me
He won't stop blowing up my phone so I go outside on my front porch. I see Eben and all the boys except Jack and Corbyn. "Your a lier" I say. "Aww, look he came to see Jack" I hear Eben say. "What do you want?" I ask annoyed. "I see that you made a new friend. Christina right?" "Yeah, and.." I say. "You see that Corbyns not here. Thanks to you, Christina said that if hurts you again she will break up with him" he says while poking my chest when he says "you". "Good for me" I turn around and walk to my door. "You'll be sorry for that tomorrow" I slam the door on him and walk to my bedroom. I don't know why but I feel overly confident. I kinda love it. It's starting to get dark out so I get in pajamas and get to bed. I make sure to block Ebens number and start thinking. What will they do tomorrow? He said I'll be sorry for what I said. Well, I guess we'll see. My eyes start to close and I drift off to sleep.

"No, please don't!" Jack has a knife in his hand and has pinned me against a tree.  "Did you ever think I would like you?" He holds the knife closer to my neck. "Please!" I yell. "Help! Anybody hear?!" I was in a forest and it was dark. "Christina?! Corbyn?! Anybody?!?" I yell. "Shut up" Jack says. I get all these pictures in my head. Eben punching me. Losing all my friends. The words on my locker. All these flashbacks. I feel the knife against my skin. "Noo! Please, no!" I cry. "Zach! Wake up!"
I see Reese shaking me. Thank goodness! It was just a nightmare. "Reese, what are you doing up so late?" I ask. "I heard you yelling so I came to check on you and you were having a nightmare" she tells me. "Thanks Reese. Go back to bed" I kiss her forehead and we say our goodnights.

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