Seonghwa/Hongjoong - Forever Mine *M**Request*

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Seonghwa hummed into the kiss, loving the way the boy tasted. He could tell he was inexperienced, but that just turned him on even more.

"How about we play a little?" Seonghwa asked, then captured the other's lower lip in between his teeth, knowing his canines would scrap against it.

"P-Please. I d-don't..." Hongjoong begged, trying to pull away again.

"You don't get a choice. I bought you. I own you." The vampire leaned forward and smiled. "Strip." He growled.

Hongjoong shivered and stared at his with wide eyes. Then he backed up, shaking his head.

"I'll give you one more chance." He straightened his back, making him appear even taller. "Strip."

The shorter let out a sob as he took of the slaves' rags he had been given. When he was fully undressed, he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment.

Seonghwa chuckled and he found this very cute and endearing. He didn't know why, but he was drawn to him more than any other slave he had encountered in the past.

He walked in a circle, admiring the slaves muscles as he stood there shaking. He was definitely well built for such a tiny body. He licked his lips and let one finger run down the other's spine.

"Tell me, why were you so heavily chained?" He purred, as he started to undress himself.

"I... I tried to run away. And... I killed a guard." Hongjoong spoke into his hands.

Seonghwa raised his eyebrows. He had some fight in him then. Good. "Why did you try to run away?"

Hongjoong froze. "Why do you think?" He snapped and spun around. His jaw immediately dropped when he realized Seonghwa was now also naked, his member standing at full attention.

The vampire smirked as Hongjoong stumbled backward. He pursued, pinning him against the wall and claiming his mouth again. His hands roamed over the slave's chest, feeling everything. Every tremor, every crease, every muscle flexing. It was so, absolutely, amazing. He couldn't get enough of it.

Hongjoong felt so invaded, but there was something about the way the vampire touched him that made him feel... Worshiped. No, what was he thinking? He was being assaulted by a vampire. A VAMPIRE. He felt his heart beat faster, but he couldn't tell if it was out of fear, or something else...

All he knew was, he started to kiss back.

Seonghwa hummed as he felt the slave give into him. His wandering hands came to a rest where he could let his thumbs rub back and forth over the other's nipples. Then he rocked his hips forward, grinding his hips against Hongjoong. He could feel him getting harder with each movement.

Hongjoong gasped and tilted his head back, getting lost in the feeling.

"See? Being my slave might not be that bad if you are enjoying this. "Seonghwa pulled back and kept rubbing against Hongjoong's hardened nubs. The boy whimpered and bit his lip. The action drove Seonghwa wild.

He grabbed the leash and pulled Hongjoong toward the bed. He didn't fight against it, not wanting the collar to tighten anymore.

Then he said on the bed and pulled the slave onto him so he was straddling him. Hongjoong placed his hands on Seonghwa's shoulders, looking nervous.

Seonghwa started to pepper his skin with light kisses while running his hands down the others back, tracing his spine and sides.

That was when Hongjoong let out his first moan. Seonghwa was a goner after that. His kisses turned into sucking and nipping. He just couldn't get enough.

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