Ch.22 - All Or Nothing

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"Geez, that really hurt...I'm exhausted."

"Well, you did fall a fair few feet in the air and broke your arm. I'm surprised you want to continue."

Ryou had his shirt off, letting Recovery Girl heal his broken arm. To his relief, he was able to have it mended, but enough so that it wasn't broken anymore. There was still pain, and Recovery Girl explained that in order for him to use his arm to the fullest, to not use too much pressure on it, or it would break again.

"I mean, I can always hit with my other arm...or use long range attacks...but then again." Ryou scratched his head.

"Oh yes, and I received a message passed from All Might himself. He congratulated you on your fight victory, and said for the last round of fighting, you would be able to select 5 new Ridewatches."

"Seriously?! Oh man, that's such a relief. I can finally use more of my powers now."

As Ryou was getting patched up and getting ready to leave, someone entered the Infirmary, namely, a huge hulking man with fire across all of his body.

"Eep!" Ryou felt a cold sensation run down his back, even though this man was practically fuming fire.

"So, you're Ryou Soutou, the boy who's keeping my son from winning the tournament." The man said, glaring down at Ryou.

"Um...yeah. That's me."

"Endeavor! Nice to see you, however, Mr. Soutou here is just about to prepare for his final match against your son. If you could give him his space, it would be much appreciated."

Endeavor looked over at Recovery Girl and looked back at Ryou.

"Let me tell you, I've seen some powerful, arrogant, students in this tournament. But you might be the most challenging one I've seen yet. There's no way you'll be able to beat my son."

Ryou didn't look at Endeavor, merely just rubbing his arm. Recovery Girl was right, it still hurt, but he could move it at least. That was the main thing.

"It's a shame your father didn't use his powers to become a hero."

Ryou widened his eyes and turned to Endeavor. "You knew my dad?"

"Yes. We were somewhat of colleagues. He chose to to research heros, and I chose to be one. When I heard about his death, I thought that he could have used his research to become a hero, so he wouldn't have died like he did. After all, I was one of the heros that were sent to clean up the mess."

Ryou sat there, dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.

"Well, that's enough from me. I must go back now...but, Mr. Soutou..." Endeavor looked down at Ryou.

"You won't win."

Ryou watched Endeavor walk out of the room, leaving behind a silent echo.

Does that mean... Endeavor knows something about my father that I don't?


The crowd was roaring with excitement as everyone was eagerly awaiting the final match.

"It's been a spectacular day, ladies and gentlemen, but, we finally made it to the final match! It all comes down to this, ladies and gentlemen!"

Sunny was in the crowd, fidgiting in place anxiously.

Ryou...from what you said, you and Todoroki have had a huge grudge for a while...are you sure you're up to this?

"Sunny!" A voice called out.

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