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This chapter will be a little small but OOF GIRL AHAHAHAHA 🙈

"Así que solo orino en el palo?" I asked as I read the instructions on the box, she nodded. "En tres palos." She said and I sighed. "No te asustes. No importa lo que todo estará bien." She said and I nodded. She gave me a hug and she left the bathroom and I locked the door. I did the deed ya know..I peed on the stick and I let Juliana back in. This has to be the longest three minutes of my life.

I was pacing back and forth and Juliana smacked the back of my head to calm me down. Her timer on her phone rang and she looked at me. "ve y revisa." She told me and I shook my head, "No quiero." I said and she sighed. "No te asustes, ve a ver." She said and I shook my head again. "Tu primero y luego yo." I said and she nodded, she looked down at the sticks that will determine not only my future but Zabdiel's future as well.

"Qué es? Qué dice?" I asked, she turned to me with a big smile. "Vas a tener un bebé Zabdi o Bella corriendo!" She said excitedly and I covered my mouth. I'm going to be a mom, holy shit.

I'm going to be a mom.

"Déjame ver." I said and she showed me the tests, all of them said positive. A huge rush of excitement came over me. "IM GOING TO BE A MOM!" I yelled and I hugged Juliana so tight. We spun around and I was crying, okay so I'm pregnant. Now what?? I have to go to the doctors get prenatals, make sure I can actually carry a fetus inside me. I want to carry this baby. I need to carry this baby.

Juliana was crying with me since she has all these weird mood swings. "Nuestros bebés serán los mejores amigos!" She squealed and I laughed. We pulled away and we wiped our tears. Then it hit me, how am I going to tell Zabdiel? Do I tell him out of the blue? Should I plan something big? Do I tell him now or when we return to Puerto Rico?

"Cómo voy a decirle a Zabdiel que estoy embarazada?" I asked her. She threw away the two tests in a bag and let me keep one after I cleaned it. I placed it in my purse and I was going to hid it in the guest house. "Ser creativo! Tuve a jonathan caminando con una camisa que decía que iba a ser un hermano mayor." She said and I awwed.

"eres un panadera sé creativo." She shrugged, my eyes widened. I know exactly what I'm gonna do. Just like when we were in Puerto Rico, Erick and Juliana joined us every breakfast and dinner and we've been doing that here as well but with Erick and Juliana inviting us over.

"Dígale a Erick que mañana estarán ocupados, así que tienen que cancelar la cena y le diré entonces cuando estemos solos." I said and she nodded, "Necesitas algo para ayudar con el sorpresa?" She asked, "Me puedes llevar a la librería más cercana?" I asked and she nodded, I had to call Zabdiel on her phone to ask for permission since I never go out alone. Juliana wanted to take me to a spa and a picnic tomorrow so by force he'd have to let me go because she already bought our tickets.

"A donde vas?" He asked on the line, "Para una librería, quiero conseguir un libro de cocina o tal vez más libros?" I bit my lip and I heard him chuckle. "Bueno puedes ir, tengo dinero en mi equipaje por mi bolsa de joyas." He said and I smiled. "Gracias Zabdiel, te quiero." I told him, "Te amo más." He said and we hung up.

Juliana threw me the keys and we were on our way to the bookstore, she showed me through the streets where to go and Jonathan was being an annoying brat in the backseat. I really hope my child isn't like that. I'll freaking whoop his or her ass. I don't care.

I walked through the shelves for some books and I found some good romance and horror books, I also wanted to keep up with my lie and I got a Cuban cook book. I found some children's books and I grabbed some as well on two books for upcoming parents. There was one for the woman on how she can handle the baby and tips for when she's pregnant and the men one basically says what to do to help your partner when she's pregnant and what to do after the baby is born.

I held onto like five books while I looked through one and they somehow managed to slip and fall to the floor. I cursed to myself and I bent down to pick them up. I first grabbed the cook book but another hand beat me to it. I looked up and I saw a scary but attractive man around my age. "Sorry—fuck I mean..perdon." I said quickly. He looked like bad news, this is the first man I've actually talked to without the presence of Zabdiel nearby.

He smiled lightly, "No I'm sorry, I saw you a few rows back and I should have been a gentleman and got you a basket." He said in English as he grabbed the books. "I'm so sorry." I mumbled, he looked down at the book in his hand, "You're expecting a child?" He asked, I nodded lightly and he handed the book. "Congratulations, the father must be so happy." He said and I nodded, "Yeah he will be. Thank you again for helping me." I said and he stuck his hand out for me to shake. "My name is Yashua, nice to meet you." He said with a beautiful smile again. "My name is Rosa." I lied, well not really..

Rosa is my middle name and I don't trust strangers, I don't care how hot he is. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said and he turned to walk away, "I'll see you around, Rosa." I saw him walk away. "Isabella quien era?" Juliana asked as we saw him leave, where did she come from? "No sé, mis libros se cayeron y él me ayudó a recogerlos." I told her, "No le digas a Zabdiel que esto sucedió porque se pondrá muy celoso y lo perseguirá." She said and I nodded. We made our way to the cashier and I couldn't help but feel that someone was watching me. I shook off the thoughts so I can focus on my surprise for tomorrow.

Zabdiel is going to be thrilled.


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