Fate is a Funny Thing 8

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Helloo my awesome fans! Well this is dedicated to sexii_reader! she is an awesome fan and whoever is reading this..GO READ HER STORY 'Wolves suck, humans are morons and what am I? apparently both' RIGHT NOW!! her story's amazing!! i am not a big fan of werewolves but her story got me hooked!!:D Oh yeah and if you are here for a good laugh definitely go and read my best friend's story 'The Guy I never thought I would fall in love with..'..by 'Dianna360'! and if you are here for a story which is about an independent girl and has a little but of everything from every genre go read MY AWESOME FRIEND(she's gotawesomenessoozing out of her!XD..didn't get it??..you don't have to..it's just and inside joke!:P) 'summerlover'! her story's name is 'I thought I was the NOT interested type of girl, until he came along...'

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ok so on with the story!:D

"Shwamph imph brime mow! Irf yow shont wi fill shwab yow shoo sheth!" i mumbled as HE had his hand over my mouth! Ugh! i am thinking of biting his hand or licking it! yes gross but what the hell!? who does that?!

He moves his hand off my mouth and looks confused. Aww he looks so cute! Okie, I have gone cuckoo..


"I said! stop, oh forget it! You stopped anyways!" i said as i had my hands on the air as if i was thanking the lord above!

He frowned, his eyebrows into slits.

"No! Say! NOW!"

This time it was my turn to frown.

"Hey! Who are you?! The boss of me or something?!"

"I am jayden J'adore! And you are?! And also i am so the boss of you right now! You are living under my car's roof right now! You know what? You should say thank you to me! And and call me your highness for it! Oh and hi."

"Well! I never!, wait, did you just say hi?"

"You didn't answer all the questions."

"Later. Wait. Waa? Are you bipolar?"

"Heck no! You are!"

"Pfft! Me and bipolar?! Yeah right!"

"See! You even agree!"

"What's your age?! Five?! I mean my sister isn't even that immature!"

"You should see my brothers, they are much much more worse than me." he ended it with a smirk.

"Oh lord, wait what am i even doing here?!"

"Oh i saved you."

"Saved. Me? You have got to be kidding! I was perfectly safe!"

"Uh no you weren't. You were in the freaking public park, sleeping by yourself! You could have been kidnapped! Or worse, died!"

I scowled.

"Yeah yeah whatever. By the way why did you even put your hand over my mouth! I could have died that way too! And also how come you didn't wake me up!? I could have walked home by myself!"

"You were screaming like you were being raped! And we are in our neighborhood! Do you want to wake everyone up and ruin my not-even-started-yet reputation?"

Now that was funny. Not-even-started-yet reputation. i laughed. i laughed like there was no tomorrow.

"That was hilarious! You are funny!"

He smiled. A cute smile with dimples and what not. Yeah i am hardcore baby!(A/N: i think so that was lame, weird and funny!XD)

"Thanks! So you dig me yet?"

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