57: Break-In

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Scott sighed when he walked into the house to see Mitch and Kevin standing with a police officer in the livingroom as another took pictures of the shattered back porch door.
"Are you okay?" Scott asked as he and Mitch hugged, the brunette holding his boyfriend as close as he possibly could. "I dropped the kids off at Kit's," Scott added, his arms tightening around Mitch. "God, Mitch, you freaked me out so much. Are you okay?"
"I'm okay," Mitch assured him. "Just— sad,"
"Do we know who did it?"
The officer shook his head, "no, but we will be questioning the neighbors and surveying the neighborhood and the park footage from across the street." He reached for the notebook on his belt, "do either of you boys have any idea who would try to break in?"
"No one," Mitch shook his head, "I don't think so, at least. We haven't lived here long,"
"Yeah, I wouldn't imagine it be anyone we know," Scott frowned, only to have Kevin speak up.
"I— actually.. Scott's mother seemed rather insistent that we let her in while you guys were in New York," he started, frowning. "We told her to leave,"
"Why?" The Officer asked curiously. "And what is your relation to Mitch and Scott?"
"Family friend," Kevin replied. "I help with babysitting and cooking and stuff,"
"Got it. Full name?"
"Kevin Olusola, Sir. Kirstin Maldonado and I were switching off on baby sitting Wesley and Arden while Scott and Mitch were in New York. We were having dinner with Scott's father when his mother came over and demanded to see the kids,"
"Do you have a rough relationship with your mother, Scott?"
"If you're asking if I think she would do this," Scott shook his head. "She may be a druggie, but she would never hurt a kid,"
Mitch sighed, "Scott-"
"It wasn't her, Mitch," Scott cut him off, his jaw locked. "She wouldn't—"
The officer shook his head, "with offenses and crimes like this, we will be looking into every possible lead. Until we find out who did this, I highly recommend getting a security system. A camera or two will turn away any potential robbers again,"
Mitch nodded, "we'll be sure to look into it. Thank you, officers, for coming out so quickly."
"Of course. Please do not hesitate to call the station if you have any other information, or need anything else. Here's the number to my office, so feel free to call if you need anything."

Scott shook his head, his arms around Mitch when the brunette sat on his lap and leaned back, his arms tightening across Mitch's waist when Mitch sighed and glanced towards the once shattered screen door that now stood taped and locked into place until they were able to replace the door.
"I think the kids should sleep at Kit's," Mitch started, chewing on his bottom lip. "I don't want them here until the door is fixed and the cameras are up,"
Scott nodded, "good idea. Kevin and I already agreed to sleep here incase anyone comes back,"
"Are you sure?" Mitch frowned. "It could be dangerous,"
"We're both over six feet tall, Kevin is built like a quarterback for the New York Giants, and I look like I'm getting ready for basketball season. We'll be fine, love,"
Kevin chuckled, "yeah, I think Scott's face is terrifying enough to scare anyone away,"
"Right back at you," Scott scrunched his face and pressed his lips against Mitch's shoulder. "We'll be fine, love. Don't worry."
Mitch just shook his head, "Why do those sound like famous last words?"


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