(New) Rhythmic Robot Audio Strings 202 KONTAKT

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Download http://ibase.pw/ZM5B0QxCO0gS0 (my link in comments)  Roland�s RS202 disco-era analogue string synth rebornThe strings that soared above a thousand Disco hits! � Roland�s classic Ensemble / Chorus effect gets its first outing � Warm yet gritty analogue tonality - a great contrast to more polite string synthsRoland�s RS202 hales from 1976, and was something of a landmark product for Roland. It featured the first outing of the classic Ensemble / Chorus effect that would later grace the Juno and Jupiter lines, and which contributed in large part to the warmth and movement of Roland�s big analogue machines. You saw it here first, folks ???? Rhythmic Robot Audio Strings 202 KONTAKT  download free crack

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