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After days and months passed

Today was the day....

That they all waiting for

Hyerim and jungkook's wedding

All the people are getting ready and really exited about it....

The others woke up really early to watch their wedding on the t.v since its on live

Hyerim's pov

Today is the day....

I will get married again on jungkook
And now im getting ready...

"Sweetie...you look beautiful!"my brother,jimin said and he hug me really tight

"Op-pa i-i cant b-breath!"i said and he pull away..smiling awkwardly

"I cant believe my baby is getting married first..."jimin said while pouting so i pich his cheeks

"Oppa...dont worry you will find someone"i said until someone knock on the door and it was twice,blackpink and redvelvet "Unnies!!!"i said and run to them but broke the hug immedietly

"Oh my god!our baby is getting married first!"lisa said and i chuckel

"Unnie..."i said and hug her and broke it

"Yah!i told u not to call me unnie..im just older in days!"lisa shout and i laugh

"Sorry lisa"i said and someone open the door

"Ma'am you can go out now..were starting now"the planner said as we all went out i was waiting outside while the girls walk partner by partner until i was the only one left...

The opend the door and i started walking

I could feel the people's gaze on me but only jungkook making me look at him
and smile

And i reach him...

The wedding was going great and its done


Sorry if i havent post!!!

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