Chapter 16

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"OMG Theresa no way is that really you! I cant believe your getting married" Jessica squealed waving her arms around excitedly

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"OMG Theresa no way is that really you! I cant believe your getting married" Jessica squealed waving her arms around excitedly.

"You know that's not my name so try again before I punch a hole through your fucking face" I smiled bitterly making Xavier choke on his own spit.

"Damn are you still bitter about that one time I slept with Hayden" she rolled her eyes and pouted her lips.

"I don't even fucking care about him but what matters to me is that my best friend lied to me repeatedly than she proceeded to fuck my boyfriend on several different occasions" I growled my eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Get over it I apologised didn't I" she rolled her eyes.

"If an annoying pout and fake tears count as an apology yeh sure you did" I bit sarcastically.

"Great" she clapped enthusiastically"now who's this" she racked her eyes over Xavier and immediately her lips tilted into an appreciative smile. My fists clenched together and Xavier tightened his grip around me in comfort almost as if he was promising me that he wasn't like my ex and he wouldn't fall for her sick games.

"No way is this your fiancé" she smiled.

"Well I am" Xavier spoke up his rough voice full of hostility.
"Could you leave us alone now i'd very much like to dance with my fiancée" he sighed.

"Are you sure you don't wanna take my hand for the first dance instead since your fiancée here doesn't really like to dance" she smirked even though she knew fully well that I loved to dance and I had started at the age of 6.

"Nope fuck off Juliet I'm taking Xavier to dance" I glared. "Oh and don't you dare even fucking look at him for longer than 2 seconds because I'll cut out your eyeballs using a blunt butter knife understood that sweety"I smiled pulling Xavier away from her.

Xavier gripped onto my waist as we made our way to the dance floor and he weaved our fingers together steadily moving us to the beat as he went along.
"Im not sure whether that turned me on or made me pee in my pants" Xavier laughed "I've never seen that side of you Cupcake but I can't say I hate it"

"That's because there's no girls in the academy otherwise you'd see me dealing with fake girls a whole lot more and let's just say I don't deal with them nicely" I laughed slowly releasing  the tension in my head. "And also I'm sorry for going all "territorial" on you. It's cause your my friend and I'd rather not have another one of my friends sleep with my ex best friend"
L.I.E.S your just jealous and Honey you definitely don't see him as just a friend.
Shut the fuck up brain you don't even know what your talking about.

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