28 | Dating Steve would include.

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Date: 8.15.19
Info: headcannons of what dating Steve would consist of.

- Him flexing his muscles for you.

- Hanging out at the DX while he works.

- Him always wanting to take pictures of you in front of cool cars.

- Leaving hickeys all over each other.

- Him feeling insecure and you making him feel better.

- Teasing Ponyboy.

- Him wanting you to call him "Daddy."

- Going on dates where you drive to lookout points.

- Car sex.

- He kisses the top of your head.

- Walking around with his hand in the small of your back.

- Sneaking into each other's houses at night.

- Him helping you pick out outfits.

- Feeling less experienced in the bedroom than him.

- He steals condoms from the DX store.

- Going dancing at bars on Saturday nights.

- Framed pictures of you in his house like your one of the family.

- Attempting to bake him chocolate cake.

- Making fun of Darry when he's being strict.

- Helping him with schoolwork.

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