24 | Dating Darrel would include.

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Date: 8.15.19
Info: headcannons of what dating Darry would consist of.

- Cooking together for family meals.

- Late night talks.

- Marriage.

- Being a mother figure for Ponyboy and Sodapop.

- He gives really good head.

- Sitting in his recliner together, reading the newspaper.

- Bringing him lunch at work.

- Definitely having a job.

- Helping him wash his truck.

- Slow dancing to Elvis.

- Comforting Johnny and inviting him to sleep on the couch.

- Being really careful not to get pregnant while Ponyboy and Sodapop are still living in the house.

- Vacationing with him and the boys.

- Having sex any time the house is empty, because it's so uncommon.

- Him hugging you from behind and giving you shoulder kisses.

- Feeling tiny in his arms.

- Him proposing with his mother's ring.

- Him being grumpy after a rough day at work, but never lashing out at you.

- Him asking your dad for his blessing a few months after you start dating.

- Making him and Ponyboy talk after they have an argument.

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