23 | Dating Sodapop would include.

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Date: 8.15.19
Info: headcannons of what dating Sodapop would consist of.

- Steve knowing everything about your love life.

- Him making you buckle down in school because he regrets dropping out.

- Treating Ponyboy and Darrel like brothers.

- Car sex.

- Admiring his body.

- Waiting for him to get home from work at the Curtis house.

- Patching him up after rumbles.

- You getting jealous easily, but he always assures you that your the only girl for him.

- Double dates with Steve and Evie.

- Making love.

-Darrel thinking your a good influence.

- Wearing his flannels when it's cold outside.

- Your dad not liking him because he thinks he's a bum, your mom having a crush on him.

- Forgetting birth control and getting nervous.

- Him talking about marrying you one day.

- Him never arguing back to you when your mad.

- Him saving money to take you on dates.

- Most Soc girls don't like you because their jealous.

- Being hit on by Bob and Randy.

- You comforting him on holidays like Mother's and Father's Day.

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